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 This manner of service is the most expensive because publishing a summons on a New York City newspaper (Usually the court decides which newspaper you must use) may cost you from 800-4000.What Are the Rules for Serving Papers on Family Members?The process server is employed by the court, sheriff, law firms, private investigator, process server company, or may even work freelance.

Out of respect for your privacy, the server will often not even tell the family member exactly why they need to speak with you.First and foremost, the kind of paper being served must allow for substitute service.Dont forget, the process server is doing you a favor by notifying you of the case information.

Jobs in the legal system have a certain appeal to them.Most divorce summonses and petitions, Family Court visitation petitions, custody petitions and orders of protection must be served in person.

It Depends, But In General, Yes, We Can Leave Papers with a Relative or Spouse.Be aware that certain states actually allow substituted service on a family member on any attempt, even the first.