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Autostrade Liguria: works suspended for Easter 2023, here are the dates Autostrade Liguria: works suspended for Easter 2023, here are the dates

A breath of fresh air for the motorways of Liguria with construction sites suspended at Easter 2023. Here are the dates when work will stop

March 14, 2023 – 2:00 p.m.

It will be easier to navigate Liguria highways during the holidays Easter 2023: like last year, in fact, they will come almost completely the activities of the many construction sites have been suspended present on the Ligurian motorway network. The provision will make it possible to restore a road network that is at least acceptable in a period, such as Easter, which usually registers the arrival of many holidaymakers and owners of second homes.


Before describing how the removal of the building sites will take place, let us recall the composition of the complexes Ligurian motorway network with their leaders:

  • A6 Turin – Savona motorway (in Liguria from Millesimo to Savona), managed by the Autostrada dei Fiori;
  • A7 Milan – Genoa motorway (in Liguria from Isola del Cantone to Genoa), managed by ASPI in the Ligurian section;
  • A10 Genoa – Ventimiglia (entirely in Liguria), managed by ASPI from Genoa to Savona and by the Autostrada dei Fiori from Savona to Ventimiglia;
  • A12 Genoa – Rome motorway (in Liguria from Genoa to Sarzana), managed in the Ligurian section by ASPI from Genoa to Sestri Levante and by SALT from Sestri Levante to Sarzana
  • A15 Parma – La Spezia (in Liguria from the Santo Stefano di Magra branch in La Spezia), managed by SALT;
  • A26 Genoa – Gravellona Toce motorway (in Liguria from Genoa to Masone), managed by ASPI.


Of March, 31st At April 12, 2023in conjunction with the Easter period, a almost total stoppage of construction sites on the Ligurian motorway network. This was announced in recent days by the infrastructure adviser of the Liguria region, Giacomo Giampedrone, confirming the advances already released at the end of January. For the moment the judgment concerns the sections of the Ligurian motorway managed by ASPI, but there will be a major reduction in the work also on the sections under concession to other operators. We will be more specific on this aspect in the coming days.

Since Friday March, 31st activities on the most impacting sites will be suspended“, explained Giampedrone”, that they will only resume after April 12. In addition, a discussion with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is planned in the coming weeks to find out the construction schedule from mid-April until the summer breaktaking into account all the long weekends that we will have to face due to the high attendance that we expect in our region”.


In fact, the commissioner is not entirely wrong. The flow of traffic to Liguria does not stop at the Easter period (which this year falls on April 9) but will also continue during the bridges of April 25 and May 1. During which, without an appropriate “truce” of the worksites, scenes of delirium could occur on the highways. In 2022, the stoppage of motorway works, favored by the proximity of Easter to the long weekends at the end of April, had included all public holidays. This year, on the other hand, it is only scheduled until April 12, but perhaps there is still time for a correction dictated by common sense.

Here is the holiday schedule:

  • from Saturday 22 to Tuesday 25 April;
  • from Saturday April 29 to Monday May 1;
  • from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 June.

Source : Sicur Auto


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