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Trenord strike in Lombardy on March 19, 2023: timetables Trenord strike in Lombardy on March 19, 2023: timetables

A new Trenord strike was called on March 19, 2023 for Lombardy alone: ​​here are the times of the event and possible guaranteed slots

March 16, 2023 – 10:20 am

Weekend of possible inconvenience for those who have to take the train in Lombardy due to the strike of March 19, 2023 traveling Trenord staff, which may also have repercussions on Trenitalia’s regional trains. Besides, really the famous Stramilano is scheduled for Sunday 19 which attracts thousands of people to the capital, many of whom could find themselves in difficulty due to the stoppage of trains. Find out in the following lines the schedules of the bustle and if there are guaranteed trains.


THE strike of March 19, 2023organized by Orsa Ferrovie, will begin starting at 3:00 a.m. on Sunday 19 and will continue until 2:00 a.m. on Monday 20with possible repercussions on rail traffic in Lombardy and in particular on the regional, suburban and airport service, which may therefore suffer modifications and cancellations.

The strike being a public holiday, There is NO guaranteed timeslot.

Only in case of cancellation of trains to and from Malpensa airport can they be put in place replacement bus between Milan Cadorna and Malpensa airport T1 (without intermediate stops) and between Stabio and Malpensa airport T1, with stops in Varese and Gallarate. Those who need to reach Malpensa very quickly can consult the prices of the taxi service from Milan.

Important: on Sunday March 19, on the occasion of Stramilano, the city’s road network will be modified, so bus routes will replace the service Malpensa Express – Milan Cadorna on Sunday mornings (4:57 a.m. to 1:06 p.m.), who usually depart and arrive via Paleocapa 1 in Milan, will depart and arrive at the metro station Lampugnano M1. Especially:

  • of no. 305 (Milan Cadorna departure 4:57 a.m. – Malpensa T1 arrival 5:34 a.m.) at no. 343 (Milan Cadorna departure 12:57 p.m. – Malpensa T1 arrival 1:34 p.m.), every half hour;
  • of no. 312 (Malpensa T1 departure 5:56 a.m. – Milano Cadorna arrival 6:34 a.m.) at no. 342 (Malpensa T1 departure 12:26 p.m. – Milano Cadorna arrival 1:04 p.m.), every half hour.

The following departures and arrivals will take place as usual in via Paleocapa 1 (Milan Cadorna station).

Naturally, travelers are advised to inquire about any cancellation of a specific train both by consulting the Trenord site and application and by paying attention to the audio announcements broadcast in the stations and the information scrolling on the monitors.


Due to the Trenord strike of March 19, 2023, also the regional trains of Trenitalia, in Lombardy and neighboring regions, may undergo variations, for example those of the Milan – Domodossola line. In addition, the absence from work of traveling personnel may lead to changes in the service before it starts and after it ends. However, trains that are en route after the start of the strike will still arrive at their final destination if it can be reached within one hour of the start of the industrial action. After this period, trains may stop at stations before their final destination.

Since during the strike they might occur unpredictable changesit is essential to pay the greatest attention to the press releases distributed in stations and on the websites, applications and social networks of railway undertakings.

Source : Sicur Auto


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