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Hydrogen cars: 36 new stations in Italy in 2026, here’s where Hydrogen cars: 36 new stations in Italy in 2026, here’s where


Finally, we are also thinking of hydrogen cars: in Italy we will have 36 new refueling stations in 2026, that’s where they will be

March 16, 2023 – 6:30 p.m.

Not just electric: Italy is also trying to accelerate on hydrogen by expanding the network of roadside gas stations, currently stopped at just 2 nationwide (after all, there are very few hydrogen cars in circulation). By the second quarter of 2026, there will be 36 new stations throughout Italycorresponding to the 36 projects admitted to the contribution granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with PNRR funds. Let’s find out where the new gas stations will be located for hydrogen car.


There are therefore 36 projects relating to the construction of refueling stations based on renewable hydrogen eligible for financing under the “Hydrogen experimentation for road transport” investment of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). Based on the ranking just published by MIT, the total eligible contributions for the construction of the 36 stations amount to €103,512,831.50that is to say on the 40% of the 230 million euros allocated for the implementation of the measure in the period 2021-2026, as established in DM n. 199 of June 30, 2022. The commissioning of hydrogen refueling stations, in accordance with Directive 2014/94/EU on infrastructure for alternative fuels, is established in the second quarter of 2026. The classification is currently provisional pending the necessary verifications. However, since applications commit less than half of the available funds, it is likely that all projects will be approved.


The 36 new hydrogen fueling stations will be disseminated throughout the national territory and mainly in strategic places for commercial transport and in areas where it is planned to experience the hydrogen rail transport, so for the moment in Val Camonica, Umbria (near Terni) and Sicily. As with all the measures of the PNRR, 40% of the resources were to be allocated to projects in the regions of southern Italy, gold in the ranking only 5 out of 36 projects refer to the South. After all, even the distribution of public charging for electric cars is completely unbalanced from Rome upwards.

Here is the complete ranking with eligible projects Hey places where the hydrogen refueling stations will be.

  1. ENI SpA Mobility – Mestre (VE)
  2. SASA SpA – Bozen
  3. Milan Serravalle SpA – East Carugate (MI)
  4. Milan Serravalle SpA – Carugate West (MI)
  5. SASA SpA – Merano (BZ)
  6. Italgas Reti SpA – Sestu (CA)
  7. Dilella Invest SpA / Hope Srl – Bari
  8. Motorway Brennero SpA – Vipiteno (BZ)
  9. Sapio Srl / Keropetrol SpA – Mantua
  10. Autostrada del Brennero SpA – Verona
  11. Brennero SpA Motorway – East Lavis (TN)
  12. Brennero SpA Motorway – Lavis West (TN)
  13. Alperia Greenpower Srl – Brunico (BZ)
  14. Green Factory Srl – Country (TV)
  15. Milan Serravalle SpA – Tortona (AL)
  16. ENI SpA Mobility – Taranto
  17. Sapio Srl / Keropetrol SpA – Vicolungo (NO)
  18. ENI SpA Mobility – San Donato Milanese (MI)
  19. Q8 Petroleum Italia SpA – Rome
  20. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Torrazza Piedmont (TO)
  21. Edison SpA – Meolo (VE)
  22. Edison SpA – San Bonifacio (VR)
  23. SOL SpA – Pollein (AO)
  24. Edison SpA – Plaisance
  25. Q8 Petroleum Italia SpA – Rome
  26. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Arquata Scrivia (AL)
  27. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Belforte Ovada (AL)
  28. Teca Gas Srl – Lamezia Terme (CZ)
  29. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Avezzano (AQ)
  30. Beyfin SpA Soc Benefit – Le Fosse (AR)
  31. Q8 Petroleum Italia SpA – Porpetto (UD)
  32. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Limena (PD)
  33. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Torre d’Isola (PV)
  34. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Bari
  35. Snam 4 Mobility SpA – Monselice (PD)
  36. Gemmo SpA / Simplifyy SB Srl – San Donà di Piave (VE).

We remind you that currently in Italy they are only active 2 hydrogen dispensers for carsone near Bolzano and one in Mestre.


According to the requirements of the call for tenders, in the 36 new refueling stations for hydrogen vehicles, the fuel must necessarily be distributed to a pressure of 350 bar for cars and 700 bar for heavy and light commercial vehicles. In addition, each station must provide, throughout the duration of the concession, only green hydrogenthat is, that produced by means of electrolysis carried out using electricity obtained from renewable sources.

Source : Sicur Auto



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