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Commercial vehicle purchase advice: budget up to 19,000 euros Commercial vehicle purchase advice: budget up to 19,000 euros

The best small cars to buy with a budget of up to 19,000 euros with information on engines and safety

20 March 2023 – 08:00

After Purchase guide dedicated to crossovers up to 21,000 euros, let’s focus on utility little that costs up to 19,000 euros. In other words, we want to help you find acheap and easy to park car even in the tightest spaces. As in all other guides, we will always put the first security (we are called SicurAUTO not by chance) attaching the relative for each model crash testsif necessary, with scores, photos and videos. Guide updated March 20, 2023.


One of the best small cars on the market, with a budget of 19,000 euros, is the Dacha Sandero, the reference model in the Dacia range. The version to focus on is the streets but the iconic Stepway is also on the list. Among the engines, we find the 1.0 SCe of 65 hp and the 1.0 TCe of 90 hp, also available in LPG version. The range of Dacia Sandero leaves from 12,350 euros but with the available budget it is possible to choose between different variants with richer equipment than the basic model. The car only got 2 stars in Euro NCAP 2021 tests.

FIAT 500

The Fiat 500 Electric anticipated the future of the Fiat market, which is increasingly oriented towards zero-emission mobility. However, in the market there are still Decree 500version available mild hybrid with a 70 hp 1.0 FireFly engine, fuel consumption of 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle and a range with many trim levels to choose from. The Fiat 500 can be ordered from from 17,800 euros. In 2017, the Fiat 500 crash test ended with 3 out of 5 stars.


There Decree Panda it has been the best-selling car in Italy for years and represents an absolute benchmark in the market. Fiat’s A-segment has entered the latter part of its career but continues to record very high sales. Those looking for a small car cannot ignore the Fiat Panda and, in particular, the version mild hybrid with the 70 hp 1.0 FireFly engine with a fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. The Fiat Panda is available in Italy with a starting list price of 15,600 euros but there is certainly no shortage of offers to spend less. Euro NCAP crash test ended with 0 stars in 2018.


Among the best small cars to buy under 19,000 euros, there is also room for the pearl Hyundai i10. The entry level of the Hyundai range is available in Italy with the engine 1.0MPI, a gasoline unit of 67 hp and 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers of fuel consumption in the combined cycle. With the available budget, it is also possible to bet on LPG variant of the i10. Hyundai’s little one is available in Italy with a price list of €14,750. In the crash tests of 2020, the Hyundai i10 received 3 stars.


The Hyundai range also offers Hyundai i20, a traditional B-segment, larger than the i10. The car, with the available budget, can only be ordered in the basic version with an engine 84 hp 1.2 MPI and a starting price of 1€8,900. The range is rich and includes equipment and engines that require a higher cost. With some offers, however, it will be possible to order a more complete i20 without breaking the budget. Note the 4 stars in the Euro NCAP 2019 text.


Another icon of the small car segment in Italy is the Throw Ypsilon. The city car is the last survivor of the Lancia range. While waiting for the arrival of the new generation, the “old” Ypsilon is still relevant with its 70 hp 1.0 FireFly and its system benign hybrid. The range starts from 17,100 euros, with different configurations to bet on with the available budget. The Lancia Ypsilon was tested in 2015 by Euro NCAP obtaining 2 out of 5 stars.


Among the B segments which carve out a place for themselves in the list of small cars to buy for less than 19,000 euros we find the Vauxhall Corsa. The city car of the German brand is available on the market in different versions but to fit into the budget it is necessary to favor the motor model 75 hp 1.2 and a consumption of 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers. This version can be ordered from 18,650 euros in Italy. The Opel Corsa was awarded 4 stars in the latest Euro NCAP crash tests of 2019.


renault clio

There RenaultClio it’s a benchmark in the French brand’s range and may be among the best small cars to buy under 19,000 euros. Available for Italian customers, there are different engines with the entry level 65 hp 1.0 ECS and a fuel consumption of 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. With the available budget there is the engine 90 hp 1.0 TCe, also available in bi-fuel version gas/LPG with a maximum power of 100 HP. On the list, but with at least 3,000 euros over budget, is the full hybrid version. The Renault Clio range starts from 17,300 euro for the Italian market. In 2019, Euro NCAP crash tests awarded the Renault Clio 5 stars.


Another B segment of great interest for those looking for a small car with a budget of less than 19,000 euros is the Skoda Fabia. The car has a very articulated range (with the top of the range approaching 30,000 euros) but with the available budget it can be ordered in combination with the engine 65 hp 1.0 MPI which has a consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers. The current starting price is €18,450 for the Italian market. The more powerful 1.0 TSI with 110 hp is also on the list, but a discount is necessary to respect the defined budget. The Skoda Fabia earned 5 stars from Euro NCAP in the 2021 crash test.


Among the small cars under 19,000 euros, there is also room for the Volkswagen Up!, entry level of the Volkswagen range. The German manufacturer’s A-segment city car, characterized by an iconic style easily recognizable on the street, is available on the Italian market with the 1.0 with 65 hp and a consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers. There is also a natural gas variant. The range starts from 16,800 euros with the possibility of also focusing on richer configurations than the basic one, given the budget. The Volkswagen Up! obtained 3 stars in the Euro NCAP tests.

Source : Sicur Auto


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