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Ztl Bergamo high and low: map and timetables 2023 Ztl Bergamo high and low: map and timetables 2023

Useful information on the Ztl of Bergamo, upper and lower: map, 2023 timetables, derogations and authorizations for transit and parking in the limited traffic zone of the beautiful Lombard city

March 24, 2023 – 4 p.m.

THE Ztl from Bergamo there are both in the game high that in this small of the city, some are permanent, others temporary and others valid only during the school year. The most important is probably the restricted traffic area known as the “Historic Center of Upper Town”, which we will deal with in more detail without neglecting the others. All the Ztl’s in Bergamo are “monitored” by access gates equipped with cameras. Click on the maps to view them in larger format.

Update March 24, 2023 on the occasion of the imminent summer extension of the Ztl of Bergamo Città Alta and Colli from Thursday 30 March.


This restricted traffic zone covers the historic center of the upper part of the city of Bergamoprecisely in the section between Largo Colle Aperto, Viale delle Mura, Via San Lorenzo and Via Fara. It’s about a Permanent ZTL. The video-monitored access gates are located in piazza Cittadella, via Arena, via San Giacomo, via Osmano, via Gombito, via San Pancrazio, prato della Fara and via Boccola-porta San Lorenzo.

  • Ztl historic center of the Upper Town: timetables

The Bergamo Ztl Historic Center of Città Alta is active 24 hours a day.

  • Ztl historic center of Città Alta: authorizations and exceptions

Entrance and parking in Ztl is allowed, without having to ask for permission, velocipedes, police vehicles and service vehicles of the Municipality of Bergamo, as well as vehicles used for the transport of goods (with a total mass fully laden up to 3.5 tonnes) and vehicles used for loading and unloading goods, but only at certain times. They can also access without authorization but must still communicate their passage vehicles serving disabled people with the appropriate pass, private security vehicles, emergency vehicles, vehicles authorized by the economic activities department to carry out temporary occupations of the public domain, vehicles of public bodies and public utility services , public transport vehicles, taxis and rental vehicles with driver.

  • Ztl historic center of the Upper Town: residence permit and other categories

They can also request a cash on delivery for transit only or for transit and parking in the Ztl of Bergamo the following categories: residents, domiciled persons, elderly people, organizations, institutions, or similar, owners of parking spaces, traders, craftsmen and maintenance workers. Even people practicing a health profession can apply for a sticker allowing them to circulate in the limited traffic areas of Bergamo and to park in the reserved car parks.

Further information :


others Ztl from Bergamo permanent h24 they are those of via Pelabrocco; via XX Settembre-via Sant’Alessandro-piazza Pontida; via Tasso-via Pignolo; piazza Matteotti (municipal offices); Square Dante. They are all located in the lower part of the city (more information here)


Ztl Bergamo High Low Time Card

There Ztl of Bergamo ‘Città Alta e Colli’ it is only active on certain days and times and is bounded by the following streets, each with a CCTV gate: 1) viale Vittorio Emanuele at the intersection with via Locatelli); 2) via Borgo Canale at the intersection with via San Martino alla Pigrizia; 3) via Astino at the intersection with via Ripa Pasqualina; 4) via Pascolo dei Tedeschi at the intersection with via Sombreno; 5) via Fontana at the intersection with via Madonna della Castagna; 6) via Castagneta at the intersection with via Valverde; 7) via Maironi da Ponte at the roundabout with via Valverde; 8) via Pelabrocco at the intersection with Piazzetta del Delfino; 9) via Botta at the intersection with viale Vittorio Emanuele; 10) via San Benedetto at the intersection with via Cucchi; 11) via Sant’Alessandro at the intersection with via Garibaldi.

  • Ztl Citta Alta and Colli: timetables

The Ztl Città Alta and Colli is active every public holiday of the year from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. (1 January and 1 May only from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.). It is also active all THURSDAY, friday and saturday evening from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., but only during the period whendaylight saving time (in 2023 from Thursday 30 March until the end of October).

  • Ztl Città Alta and Colli: permits, derogations and residents and other categories

Permits, derogations and marks issued for the Ztl of Bergamo Città Alta and Colli are practically the same as those of the historic center Ztl of Città Alta. In the Ztl Città Alta and Colli, stamps are also issued to employees and workers of public establishments, but bodies, institutions or the like are excluded.

Further information :


others Ztl from Bergamo temporal, all in the lower part, are those of via Raboni; via Pignolo Alta-via San Tomaso; by Sant’Alessandro Alta. Then we still have: San Bernardino-borgo San Leonardo; piazza Matteotti (Donizetti theatre): via San Francesco d’Assisi; in Orio; Finardi district; Atleti Azzurri d’Italia Stadium; by Vacha.

Finally there are four Ztl valid only during the school year: via Cappuccini; via Don Bepo Vavassori; via Papa Leone XIII and finally via Pradello (more information here).

Source : Sicur Auto


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