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Automobile civil liability: which companies had the most claims in 2022? Automobile civil liability: which companies had the most claims in 2022?

Focus on motor third party liability: the companies that had the most customer complaints in 2022 according to the latest IVASS report

25 May 2023 – 10:00

IVASS has published the data on claims with insurance companies related to 2022, with a focus on the life, non-life excluding motor liability and non-life motor only liability branches. Obviously our attention is projected on the area that interests us the most (RCA) to discover which companies had the most complaints in 2022 for settlement area, administrative area and commercial area disputes. It’s just a shame that the IVASS report does not indicate that I response time they complaint results Of every company (which would have been useful to assess its reliability in terms of customer relations), limiting itself to giving the overall figure.

Update May 25, 2022 with motor vehicle liability claims data for the year 2022.


According to the regulations in force, anyone who has a any kind of problem with an insurance company, in the field of automobile civil liability and in all others, you must first file a claim directly with the insurance company concerned. Indeed, each insurance company has a Complaints Office which is responsible for examining and evaluating customer complaints and providing an appropriate response. within 45 days from receipt of the complaint. A complaint is a statement of dissatisfaction relating to an insurance contract or service. The policyholder, the insured, the beneficiary of an insurance contract or the injured party, as well as recognized consumer associations, may lodge a complaint.

If the complaint was sent using the correct methods, attach the documentation needed, the insurance company has the obligation to respond, as mentioned, within and no later than 45 days from receipt of the complaint. At this point, two scenarios open up:

  • if the plaintiff deems Satisfactory response from the insurance companythe complaint procedure ends there;
  • if on the contrary the answer is retained unsatisfactoryor worse still not received no match within 45 days, it is possible to lodge a complaint with IVASS by attaching the same documents already presented to the insurance company, as well as a copy of the complaint previously sent to the insurance company and a possible answer. After examining the complaint received, the Control Institute sends a copy to the company concerned, requesting them to provide the necessary clarifications and to respond fully and quickly to the complaining customer, using simple and clear language.

AUTO DWT: 2022 CLAIMS 37,932

During the year 2022, according to the IVASS report, insurance companies operating in Italy (both Italian and duly authorized foreigners), globally received from consumers 96,976 complaintswith an increase of +4.3% compared to the corresponding period of 2021. Among these claims 41,427 concerned the motor civil liability branch, 42.7% of the total: a figure higher than +9.21% compared to the previous year. During 2022, the average response time to complainants by companies, calculated at 22 days, remained well below the 45-day limit set by the regulations; regarding the outcome, however, the insurance companies they totally accepted complaints in 32% of cases10% of disputes resulted in a settlement, while 58% of complaints were rejected.


And we come to the disaggregated data for each company. The report first highlights the absolute number of complaints received in the area of ​​motor third party liability then, in brackets, the much more meaningful value based on number of complaints per 10,000 stipulated contractswhich offers a fairer comparison between operators of often very different sizes.

Unipolsai Assicurazioni SpA 7,259 complaints (7.64 complaints per 10,000 contracts)
Allianz Direct 3,288 (7:44 p.m.)
Genetel SpA 2,748 (32.72)
Allianz SpA 2.209 (4.59)
Generali Italy SpA 1941 (4.76)
Great Lakes Insurance 1,860 (16.83)
Cattolica Insurance Company SpA 1,840 (7.72)
Victoria Insurance SpA 1,673 (7.09)
Adriatic Osiguranje 1,566 (N / A)
Axa Insurance SpA 1,368 (6.31)
Admiral Europe Compania de Seguros Sau 1,262 (13.75)
SpA Linear Insurance Company 1,223 (18.79)
Verti Assicurazioni SpA 1.206 (23.55)
Iptiq Emea P&C Sa 1.039 (11.61)
Iptiq Emea P&C Sa (LPS) 1.007 (32.26)
Dallbogg Insurance Isc 996 (N / A)
Groupama Assurance SpA 846 (6.52)
Royal Mutual Insurance Company 773 (5.52)
Sarah Assurances SpA 642 (5.72)
Tua Assicurazioni SpA 602 (10.49)
Zurich Insurance Ltd 554 (4.12)
Quixa SpA 549 (22.74)
Italian Insurance SpA 528 (5.83)
Sogessur SA 525 (15.54)
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd 471 (13.72)
Hdi Assicurazioni SpA 429 (5.85)
Allianz Viva SpA 322 (6.39)
It is 302 (4.36)
Intesa Sanpaolo Insurance SpA 287 (9.57)
Nobis Insurance Company SpA 270 (8.54)
Euroherc Osiguranje 267 (N / A)
HDI Italy SpA 257 (7.59)
Bene Assicurazioni SpA 212 (5.90)
Helvetia SA 208 (4.61)
Ark Insurance SpA 148 (11.90)
Unicredit Allianz Assicurazioni SpA 118 (12.74)
Axa MPS Damage Insurance SpA 103 (7.74)
Credit Agricole Assicurazioni SpA ninety-two (14.47)
Assimoco SpA 86 (2.52)
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Se 54 (7:31 p.m.)
Helvetia Italy Insurance SpA 49 (4.50)
Greenval Insurance Dac 45 (4.82)
Aig Europe SA 38 (11.63)
Milan SpA insurer 29 (7.63)
Darag Deutschland AG 25 (/)
wakam 22 (8:48 p.m.)
BCC Assicurazioni SpA 20 (8.52)
Euro Assurances Dac 16 (/)
Insurer Val Piave SpA 15 (2.19)
Bank BPM Assicurazioni SpA 13 (15.10)
Rome Insurance – Mutua Assicuratrice Romana 13 (5.42)
Vera Assicurazioni SpA ten (7.19)
Amtrust International Underwriters Dac 1 (/)
Chubb Se European Group 1 (/).

Unipolsai has therefore received more complaints than anyone else. But, proportionally to the number of policies taken out, Genertel, iptiQ (whose insurance products are distributed by Prima) and Verti, to name just three examples, received significantly more.

For the number of complaints that affect all other companies and for more information on IVASS report 2022 we refer you to the specific section of the website of the Supervisory Institute.

Source : Sicur Auto


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