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Estate car purchase advice: budget up to 35,000 euros Estate car purchase advice: budget up to 35,000 euros

The best estate cars to buy with a budget of up to 35,000 euros, with all the up-to-date information on prices and engines

May 26, 2023 – 7:00 p.m.

It’s time for a new meeting with the buying guides from SicurAUTO.it: today we deal best station wagon cars to buy on a budget up to 35,000 euros. It is a type of car that is always in high demand by Italian motorists. Various manufacturers continue to offer satiety carts in their price lists, and for those who want to spend little, at least by today’s market standards, there are various alternatives to consider. With the same budget, it is also possible to evaluate the best SUVs to buy under 30,000 euros. Also keep an eye out for driving the best 7-seater cars up to 35,000 euros. Guide updated to May 26, 2023.


Choose the right car it’s not child’s play: there are many factors to consider. The market offers many solutions and it is not easy to identify the right option and avoid making mistakes in choosing. THE budget available is certainly one of the main things to consider. However, one should not overlook the mileage planned and, therefore, themore suitable diet lie down on. Station wagons offer plenty of space on board but the actual running costs should not be overlooked. Before moving on to the buying guide, we therefore advise you to take a look at what parameters to take into account to choose the right car.


There Dacia Jogging it is one of the benchmark models in the station wagon sector, thanks to a truly unique quality/price ratio. The car can count on a varied range, with many options available to customers. Let’s start with the version 1.0 TCE LPG 5 doors which has a cost of €17,800. However, there are plenty of other variations on the list to focus on, all available within the stated budget. The Dacia Jogger obtains a star in the Euro NCAP 2021 test.


The range of fiat tipo also includes a variant break which reaches 4.57 meters in length. The C-segment of the Italian house is one of the cheapest models in this market segment, offering a price list that starts from 23,200 euro. The basic version can count on the three cylinders 1.0 turbo 100 hp. With the available budget, however, it is also possible to focus on mild hybrid and diesel variants. In 2016, the Fiat Tipo obtained three stars in the Euro NCAP test.


There Hyundai i30 Wagon is the proposal of the Korean house for those looking for a station wagon for less than 35,000 euros. The car has a length of approximately 4.58 meters and is available in combination with the engine 1.0 T-GDI 120 hp with 48 V mild hybrid system, which can also be combined with the automatic gearbox. The range starts from 28,750 euro. In 2017, the Hyundai i30 received five Euro NCAP stars.


Among the station wagons to buy at a reduced price is the Kia Ceed SW. It is a 4.6 meter model that can be purchased for the price of €29,600. The range revolves around the engine 1.6 CRDI 136 hp equipped with a mild hybrid system. The engine in question is available in combination with the manual gearbox but there is also a version with the automatic gearbox in the price list. The car was awarded four Euro NCAP stars in 2019.


With a length of 4.64 meters, the Opel Astra Sports Tourer it is one of the main station wagons on the market as far as the C segment is concerned. It is a complete car, available with a particularly rich range. The basic model is equipped with the engine 1.2 turbo 110 hp (also available with 130 hp) but the 130 hp 1.5 turbo diesel engine is also in the price list. Among the options there is room for the automatic gearbox. The price list begins from 28,400 euro. The Opel Astra obtained four stars in the Euro NCAP 2022 test.


The Peugeot range can count on Peugeot 308 SW, the station wagon variant of the French house. The car, which is just over 4.6 meters long, is available on the market with a list price of €28,520. The range is complete with engines and starts from the version 1.2 turbo petrol 130 hp, also available with automatic transmission. The 130 hp 1.5 turbo diesel engine with automatic gearbox is also on the list. The Peugeot 308 obtained four Euro NCAP stars in 2022.


There Renault Megane Sporter it is a C-segment station wagon with a length of just over 4.6 meters. The car leaves from 27,800 euro with the variant fitted with the engine 115 hp 1.5 diesel. It is the only engine available which, however, can be combined with the automatic gearbox, guaranteeing a certain margin of customization also thanks to a premium configuration richer than the basic version. The Renault Mégane was awarded five Euro NCAP stars in 2015.


There Seat Leon Sportstourer it is a station wagon that costs little and offers a lot of space on board, with a length of up to 4.64 meters. The car can count on a very articulated range that starts from the version with engine 1.0 TSI 110 hp. Also on the list are the 130 hp 1.5 TSI engine, the mild hybrid variant of the 110 hp engine and the turbo diesel models. The whole range is available with the proposed budget and the list price starts from 26,700 euro. The Seat Leon was awarded five Euro NCAP stars in 2020.


There Skoda Octavia Wagon is the right solution for all motorists looking for an above-average station wagon. With a length of almost 4.7 meters, in fact, the Skoda car is a real benchmark in its segment. The range starts from 29,100 euro with the variant 1.0 TSI 110 hp. However, there are more powerful variants on the list, with mild hybrid petrol, diesel and methane. The Skoda Octavia received five Euro NCAP stars in 2019.

Source : Sicur Auto


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