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OCR Tyres: here is the API that helps tire and car repairers

OCR technology to check tires takes a fifth of the time compared to traditional checks. Here’s how it works

January 31, 2023 – 10:31 am

The OCR technology for tires is the basis of an application specifically developed to facilitate all tire inspection and maintenance operations. His name is any linethe app that scans and recognizes tire markings in a quick way. Among the main advantages, in addition to speeding up the control, the pneumatic OCR avoids errors due to manual entry. Here’s how it works.


The OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) is a solution that has become very popular over the years, just behind barcodes and QR Codes. Unlike the latter, pneumatic OCR exclusively exploits the software’s ability to recognize markings ​affixed to the shoulder of the tyres. Many tire manufacturers already apply the barcode to the edge of the bead, ie the grip surface between the rim and the tire. However, it is mainly used to track tires from production to disposal. So to see it you may have to detach the tire from the rim. Tire OCR is much faster than a traditional check.


OCR technology is not very recent, but the fields in which it finds its application are developing more and more, especially when it is not so easy to use barcodes and QR codes. The Anyline app has been developed to recognize typically curved markings and is able to read characters even under the most critical black-on-black tone conditions low contrast light. From tire identification numbers such as tire DOT, tire size and serial numbers, you can quickly get various information such as:

  • age;
  • features;
  • the tire production site.

The video below clearly shows how does Anyline app pull OCR.


The Anyline app for reading tires this is not a smartphone application but an API (Application programming interface). This means that the software has been developed to be integrated into existing applications, websites and software architectures. It is certainly a worthwhile helper that companies can also test before implementing it, just request a free 30-day trial on the company’s website. In the future, however, tire checks will also be very fast thanks to RFID in tires, which Michelin and other companies have presented to Autopromotec.

Source : Sicur Auto


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