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Bologna blue strips: timetables, permits and prices


Everything you want to know about the management of the blue lines in Bologna: timetables, permits, map and paid parking prices

January 24, 2023 – 6:00 p.m.

The parking plan of the city of Bologna provides some paying areas recognizable by the classic blue stripes and the appropriate traffic sign. These areas are mainly located in the Old City of the Emilian capital but are also found in the semi-central and semi-peripheral districts. In the following lines you will find all the updated information about blue stripes in bologna: schedules, permits, map, rates, concessions and more.

Update of January 24, 2023 with the latest information on timetables and fares for the blue lines in Bologna.


The area of ​​the city of Bologna concerned by the payment of on-street parking is divided into different sectors or zones:

  • 6 sectors (numbered from 1 to 5, plus the U sector, in the university domain) in the Old City;
  • 12 zones (zone A, B, which includes the Fair zone, C, D, E, F, I, L, M, N, P, Q) in the semi-central crowns And semi-peripheral.

To more easily identify the sectors and areas of Bologna with the blue stripes, look at the following menu (Click on the image to enlarge).

Paid parking in the blue lines applies in the sectors of Old City during all days of the week from 8 to 20. While in the other places always during the week but from 8 to 18except in the “fast” zones where payment for parking starts at 9am.


Even the fares for blue lines in Bologna, as well as the schedules, they change according to the sector or area. Specifically:

  • circle of a thousand (minimum payment via the parking meter of 0.40 euros for 10 minutes).

Hourly rate 2.40 euros.

Monthly rate 70 euros.

Semester rate 300 euros.

  • Old City (minimum payment per meter of 0.30 euros for 10 minutes).

Hourly rate 1.80 euros.

Monthly rate 70 euros.

Semester rate 300 euros.

  • Semi-central crown (tariff zones A1, B, C, D, E, F, minimum payment at the meter of 0.25 euro for 10 minutes).

Hourly rate 1.50 euros.

Daily rate 7.50 euros.

Monthly rate 50 euros.

Semester rate 200 euros.

  • Semi-peripheral and peripheral crown (tariff zones A2, I, L, M, N, P, Q, minimum payment at the parking meter of €0.20 for 10 minutes).

Hourly rate 1.20 euros.

Daily rate 6.00 euros.

Monthly rate 40 euros.

Semester rate 150 euros.

THE individual tickets for parking you can to acquire as follows :

  • mobile app (Sosta+ (no extra charge), Phonzie, Pay by phone, MyCicero, Pyng, Easy park, ParkAppy, Tabnet and Smarticket);
  • parking meters (they only accept coins except 1 and 2 cents and do not give change, some are also authorized for payment in Fastpay mode. The bar code of the ticket must be displayed and clearly visible when stopping);
  • smart cards – parking meters (they are no longer produced but whoever owns them can use them until the credit is exhausted).

The subscriptions they are valid on a daily, monthly or half-yearly basis. You can buy them in authorized dealers (bars, newsstands and tobacconists) or by the same application.

NB: parking meter tickets and passes can also be used in parking areas at a reduced rate.


They don’t pay to park in the blue lines in Bolognaif it is in possession of certain requirements and associated markings:

  • vehicles serving people with reduced mobility;
  • electric and hybrid vehicles;
  • vehicles of the Police Forces, Ministries of Defence/Interior/Justice, emergency vehicles;
  • health social workers and emergency medical service workers;
  • vehicles of the Municipality of Bologna, Tper and BomoB;
  • car-sharing vehicles.

They pay for parking in blue lines only in fast traffic areas (see next paragraph), always in possession of certain requirements and related markings:

  • residents of the historic center (free parking only in the sector to which they belong);
  • Crown residents (free parking in designated area only);
  • general practitioners and their substitutes practicing in the sectors/areas concerned by the parking plan, with the mention M if they practice in the historic center, with parking permits if they practice in the semi-center district, with provisional titles in the event of substitutes.
  • cars belonging to the Region of Emilia-Romagna, Metropolitan City, Health Authorities of Bologna, Orthopedic Institutes S. Orsola-Malpighi and Rizzoli, ARPAE, University of Bologna, Hera, Acer , in Arstud Bologna, with the company logo displayed on the vehicle;
  • free parking for a maximum of 2 hours/day for the cars of people assisting people who are not independent or seriously ill, provided with the specific parking card;
  • free parking for 20 minutes near the school for the time necessary to accompany children and young people not residing on the territory of the school attended at compulsory school, by displaying the school accompaniment badge and the time disc
  • DSI pass holders – installers can use the parking meter or use one of the parking payment apps to take advantage of half an hour of free parking in all paid areas of the historic center except for areas fast-turning
  • methane and LPG vehicles with 50% discount on monthly and semi-annual subscriptions held by residents and businesses in Emilia-Romagna.

finally expected reduced fares for the hotel and bed and breakfast guestsin the form of a day pass for on-street parking at the cost of 9 euros which also includes a daily pass for the local public transport of the TPER, on sale in your accommodation structure. The pass is valid for parking in all the blue lines of Bolognais valid for 24 hours from activation and must be clearly displayed on the windshield.


In Bologna there are also the rapid rotation zones (R/R) or “full price”, always marked by blue stripeswhere to favor a wide rotation of the thrust bearing neither daily/monthly/semi-annual passes nor discounts for residents are valid. Generally, the R/R zones occupy certain sections of the streets and can be recognized by the specific vertical signs. Here are the routes with fast rotation zones and their schedules:

  • Historic center and avenues (9/20)

Sector 1: Viale Berti Pichat, Piazzale Baldi;
Sector 2: Via Dante, Piazza del Baraccano;
Sector 3: Piazza di Porta Castiglione, Viale XII Giugno;
Sector 4: Piazza Roosevelt, Via Riva Reno, Viale Silvani, Via Marconi, Piazza VII Novembre (newsstand side), Piazza Porta San Mamolo;
Sector 5: Piazza XX Settembre, Viale Pietramellara.

  • Semi-central crown (9/18)

Zone A: Via Ferrarese, Via Matteotti, Piazza Dell’Unità, Via Barbieri, Via di Corticella;
Zone B: Via del Lavoro, Via Amaseo, Via dell’Artigiano, Via San Donato;
Zone C: Via Massarenti, Via Bentivogli, Via Palagi, Via Mazzini, Via San Donato;
Zone D: Via San Mamolo, Piazza Trento e Trieste, Viale Giurini, Viale Gamberini, Via Murri;
Zone E: Via Andrea Costa, Via Montefiorino, Via Saragozza, Via XXI Aprile;
Zone F: Largo Nigrisoli, Via Zanardi, Via Saffi, Via Vittorio Veneto, Prati di Caprara.

  • Semi-peripheral and peripheral crown (9/18)

Zone I: via Bentini, via London, via Stoppato and via Lipparini, via della Croce Coperta;
Zone L: via Massarenti, via Mengoli, via Mazzini and via Emilia Levante;
Zone M: via Murri, via Dagnini, via degli Orti and via Sigonio.

For more information on Bologna blue stripes you can consult the appropriate section on the Municipality portal and the website of BomoB, the company that manages paid parking.

Source : Sicur Auto



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