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Electric car conversion: 2023 retrofit bonus, how to apply for it

Anyone wishing to convert their car to electric can benefit from the contributions of the 2023 retrofit bonus. Here is how to apply for it on the Consap web platform

February 15, 2023 – 7:45 p.m.

THE decree implementing the retrofit bonus (MIMS decree of July 19, 2022, published in the Official Journal the following September 14) regulates the payment of a contribution up to €3,500 to owners of vehicles for the transport of people and goods who install a electric traction system instead of the internal combustion engine. The measure, for which 14 million euros are available, is part of the provisions aimed at promoting the decarbonization of the transport system and promoting ecological transition. Finally, after months of waiting, the February 15, 2023 the web platform needed to request the bonus has been made available electric car conversion. In the following lines we explain how to request the contribution.

Update February 15, 2023 following the launch of the Consap platform to request the Retrofit Bonus.


THE Renovation bonus 2023 provides for a contribution equal to the 60% of the cost of electrical requalification up to a maximum of 3,500 euros, to which is added a contribution of 60% of the costs relating to the stamp duty for registration in the public register of automobiles (RPA), the stamp duty and the provincial transcription tax (IPT). The measure was introduced with Law n. 156 of November 9, 2021, but it is only now that it has become operational with the issuance of the Application decree from MIMS (now MIT). A step that is not at all obvious given that a similar measure, approved in 2020, had remained a “dead letter” precisely because of the lack of the necessary implementing decree.


All are eligible for the bonus Carspeople carriers, buses and vans for the transport of goods, originally registered with an internal combustion engine which are transformed into electric traction vehicles. In particular, the categories of vehicles concerned are as follows:

  • M1 (vehicles intended for the transport of people, with a maximum of 8 seats in addition to the driver’s seat);
  • M2 (vehicles intended for the transport of people, with more than 8 seats in addition to the driver’s seat and with a maximum mass not exceeding 5 t);
  • M3 (vehicles intended for the transport of people, with more than 8 seats in addition to the driver’s seat and with a maximum mass greater than 5 t);
  • N1 (vehicles intended for the transport of goods, with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 t);

Off-road versions (M1G, M2G, M3G and N1G) are also included.

According to what the decree implementing the premium reports, the transformation of the vehicle must be carried out on the basis of the procedures dictated by decree no. 219/2015 from MIT (“Regulations containing the electrical requalification system intended to equip M and N1 cars”), otherwise known as ‘renovation decree‘, which specifies the characteristics of the kit necessary for the refitting in accordance with the law.

However, it is good to specify that the latter October 1, 2022 decree 219/2015 has been repealed and replaced by the new decree n. 141/2022 of the MIMS (“Regulation establishing an electrical requalification system for vehicles belonging to international categories L, M and N1“), published in the Official Journal of September 16, 2022. Consequently, from 01/10/22, the transformation of the vehicle must be carried out on the basis of the procedures dictated by the latest retrofit decree ‘.


For contribution attribution, MIT (formerly MIMS) uses a specification web-based platform managed by Consap. Anyone who has replaced the internal combustion engine of their vehicle with an electric motor can access the bonus from November 10, 2021, date of entry into force of Law no. 156/2021 which provides for this measure, e until the December 31, 2022and in any case until the available resources are exhausted. It is therefore a retroactive contribution for an expense that may have already been incurred.

Here are the steps to apply for the retrofit bonus from 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

  • Access the web platform accessible at retrofit.consap.it.
  • Enter the platform using the Spid, then when the page appears Fill out the application fill in all the boxes. The first three on the ‘Applicant’ (surname, first name and tax code) are already filled in, all you have to do is enter the others.
  • THE Additional data regarding the email, the indication of being a “natural person owner” or a “legal person owner” (which in turn will request a series of other information) and some vehicle information: license plate, category and date of installation of the engine. You must also check the box to confirm that you have “installed an electrical retrofit system”.
  • Subsequently, the ‘Expenses incurred‘, specifying between ‘Amount’, ‘PRA registration stamp duty’ and ‘Provincial transcription tax’. Then the last three steps, with the ‘Accreditation data‘ on the Iban and account holder, downloading all attachments (bills, receipts and ID card) e signature both handwritten and digital.
  • Done that only remains submit instance. If any documents are missing, don’t worry: just press “Save Instance” to complete the procedure later.

Renovation bonus 2023

Source : Sicur Auto


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