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First responder: 40% unprepared for US electric car fires First responder: 40% unprepared for US electric car fires

In the USA, a survey reveals that among first aiders, 57% do not know how to turn off an electric car, paramedics are the least prepared on safety

March 3, 2023 – 5 p.m.

A investigation In UNITED STATES he asked the First Respondersthe first responders who find themselves intervening at the scene of an accident how many of them had received training dedicated to electric car safety. The result is not high, but more reassuring than what we discovered in Italy.


The national survey, the results of which were published in Direct Science, carried out in the USA, takes stock of the knowledge and training of first responders concerning electric vehicles in road accidents. Beyond 1000 first responders (First Responders) from 50 states and Washington DC participated in the survey. The survey reports that more than 40% first responders have never received specific training on the safety of electric vehicles. Safety training is strongly correlated with the level of knowledge of the electric vehicle fire risk among first responders, in fact it is more likely that VV.F. and tow truck operators are trained in conjunction with health personnel.


Paramedics or EMS personnel (equivalent to 118) are less likely to receive EV safety training. Remember that in the event of an accident involving an electric vehicle, there may also be a risk of electrocution in the most serious cases. If you stay within the scope of knowledge about electric vehicle stopping techniques, more than half (57%) of law enforcement officers said that he doesn’t know any. Rescuers for towing and recovery vehicles with tow trucks also have little knowledge compared to firefighters. According to the survey, first responders are very concerned about the risks that electric vehicles can pose, confirming that even abroad there is a real perceived risk that should not be underestimated.


As we discovered while conducting the mega survey on electric car safety and also participating as speakers at the first National Lithium Battery Safety Conference, training for the National Operational Fire Corps is not not mandatory. Even less for first responders in general, with the exception of private initiatives as we discovered at the technical center in Nardò managed by Porsche Engineering, where there is a Firefighters ready to intervene on any type of car, even electric. In Italy From what we have discovered, taking into account all the rescue operators (from the 118 operators to the firefighters and the roadside assistance technicians), it would seem thatOnly 5 to 10% of lifeguards in Italy are specialized to intervene correctly in the fire of an electric car to such an extent that the firefighters still have the official instructions in draft.

Source : Sicur Auto


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