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Tesla Model 3: how to pay 31,000 euros with incentives Tesla Model 3: how to pay 31,000 euros with incentives

Super discount on the Tesla Model 3: it can now be purchased with national and regional incentives for around 31,500 euros or even less, find out the details

May 11, 2023 – 11:45 am

About 31,500 euros, or even less, to buy the Tesla Model 3? Under certain conditions, you can, using the combination between state and regional incentives, like those who have just settled in Lombardy. It all stems from Tesla’s decision, put into practice in early March, to lower the official list price of the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) model at 41,490 euros, allowing it to be within the price range covered by concessions.


Indeed, let us recall that the Ecobonus 2023 provides for a discount of 5,000 euros with simultaneous scrapping of a car up to Euro 4, or a discount of 3000 euros without scrapping, for the purchase of M1 vehicles in the emission range 0-20 g/km, which obviously includes electric car.

However, the 2023 automobile incentive regulation imposes a limit, establishing a spending limit: to be able to benefit from the discount, the price of electric cars from the official price list of the manufacturer must be equal to or less than 35,000 euros (accessories included but excluding VAT, IPT and road registration), so approximately €42,700. Limit in which the Tesla Model 3 RWD now also falls.


For the past few days, the inhabitants of Lombardy have been able to combine state aid with a regional contribution up to 6,000 euros potential. For the purchase of an electric car (with a list price not exceeding 45,000 euros + VAT), you can in fact obtain a discount of €4,000 with the simultaneous deregistration of a vehicle gasoline up to Euro 2 Or diesel up to Euro 5 for demolition or final export abroad (1,000 euros without cancellation). The Lombard incentive also obliges the seller to apply an additional discount of at least 12% on the starting price list and in any case of at least €2,000 (1,000 if there is no scrapping), bringing the overall profit to a total of €6,000. By adding this amount to the 5,000 euros of State aid, we obtain the mega-discount of 11,000 euros which can bring the price of a Tesla Model 3 RWD down to around $31,500 or so.

But that’s not all: Tesla’s site reports that if you buy the Model 3 Quick delivery the price drops to 39,470 euros (40,458 including the set on the road). In this case the discount of 11,000 could even allow you to buy it for less than 30,000 euros!

However, pay attention to two important elements: firstly, the Lombardy 2023 car incentives have a fund of only 12 million euros which presumably they will end very soon; and then, who intends to take advantage of the discount by scrapping aEuro 5 diesel car can take advantage of the maximum amount only with regional incentives, since the State Ecobonus only admits cancellation for cars up to Euro 4. For the same reason, the scrapping of a car to Euro 3 or Euro 4 gasoline you can only benefit from the maximum discount with state incentives, since the Lombard contribution allows the deregistration of petrol cars only up to Euro 2.

However, it should be pointed out that the local incentives for the purchase of electric cars, possibly cumulative with the State Ecobonus, are not only available in Lombardy but also in other cities or regions, for example in Trentino Alto Adige but not only. Here’s our guide to learning more about local incentives.


Who knows if the chance to have a not too expensive (we know very well that even 36,000 euros are not within everyone’s reach) a super model like the Tesla Model 3 with propulsion will increase demand for electric car incentives, which are currently largely unused, while reviving the BEV market. Granted, current Model 3 owners won’t be particularly happy because they paid a much higher list price and are also at risk of seeing the used car depreciate.

Source : Sicur Auto


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