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All-wheel drive electric cars: 4 models in zero grip test All-wheel drive electric cars: 4 models in zero grip test

Teknikens Värld assesses all-wheel drive in electric cars: 4 SUVs compared in the zero grip test. Here’s which one is the best

May 25, 2023 – 5 p.m.

THE all-wheel-drive electric cars they are becoming more widespread, as manufacturers aim to launch models with higher profit margins. But How efficient is all-wheel drive in electric cars? The famous Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld compared 4 electric SUVs and crossovers in one zero adhesion test. Here are the results.


Teknikens Värld is a historic Swedish magazine, one of the best known in the automotive industry worldwide for revealing the stability problems of the Mercedes A-Class in 1997. After demonstrating that the car could overturn, the manufacturer decided to suspend production, retire a few thousand cars already delivered and make major improvements with new suspensions and ESP as standard. The moose test has nothing in common with the electric car tensile test which we will talk about soon, but it was useful to remind those who do not know who Teknikens Värld is. After the presentations, let’s go to the test.


Teknikens Varld compared 4 electric cars equipped with front and rear motors to see which solution is the most efficient. Assess the responsiveness of the entire system and the effectiveness of distribution of traction between the front and rear wheelsthe electric cars were positioned on zero-friction rollers, which simulate sliding on slippery surfaces until the total loss of grip. All-wheel-drive electric cars on trial I am:

  • BMW iX1 xDrive30
  • Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV
  • Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance 4Motion
  • Volvo C40 Twin Engine Recharge


All-wheel drive in electric cars it is particularly responsive compared to traditional traction systems and in some cases also influenced by the settings available on the console. For this reason, all tests were carried out with a “Normal” driving program. Here are the comments of the Swedish magazine in detail:
BMW iX1 xDrive30. “Running is near perfect, with minimal front wheel slippage as the car slips off the rollers easily. There the car’s ability to send power to the wheelset where there is grip It’s good.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV. “After a few wheelspins the Skoda Enyaq comes off the rollers easily and we judge the car’s ability to send power to the wheelset where there is grip, to be combined with good differential braking action, enough Perfect”.

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance 4Motion. “The freewheels accelerate and produce a relatively large amount of wheel spin before the car comes off the rollers. We judge differential braking is poor.

Volvo C40 Twin Engine Recharge. “The Volvo C40 rolls lightly at first, then you notice that the wheel speed drops despite the fact that the throttle pressure is unchanged. The next moment the car realizes that it is sending power to the wheels that have grip, and the C40 rolls easily over the rollers. But it takes a few more seconds. At first, we believe the action of differential braking East poorbut good once the system understands what is going on.

Source : Sicur Auto


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