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LPG cars 2023: the cheapest for sale

Compare LPG cars from 2023 and discover the 10 cheapest cars sold in Italy. Gasoline models hold nearly 9% market share

January 24, 2023 – 4:00 p.m.

Even though the market seems to be pushing towards greener cars, the LPG cars still retain a good number of very loyal customers, if it is true that in 2022 they slightly increased their sales in Italy, going from the 7.3% market share achieved in 2021 to 8.9%, with an increase approximately 11,000 new registrations (UNRAE data). Thanks first of all to Low consumption and generally more affordable list prices compared to other streams. In this regard, we find the 10 cheapest LPG cars of 2023.


In 2022 the new Dacia Sandero was the best-selling LPG car in Italy and will probably keep this record also in 2023. Interested parties can choose between two gas configurations of the sedan: 1.0 TCe ECO-G Streetway Essential, which costs €13,850 and 1.0 TCe ECO-G Expression from 14,800 euros. The Sandero GPL is also available Proceed in stages (crossover) with prices from 15,450 to 17,800 euros.


best-selling LPG cars

Both city and crossover, the Kia Picanto it has been a reference for years for those who need a reliable car, not too bulky but not too expensive either. Well available seven gas versions of the Picanto, with prices ranging from €15,700 from the 1.0 LPG Urban to the 19,950 required for the 1.0 LPG X Line AMT.


cheaper LPG cars

The The life of the Fiat Panda always stay between best-selling LPG cars (fifth overall in 2022), demonstrating that Italian motorists appreciate the legendary “pandino” in all its forms. Are necessary €16,300 to acquire version 1.2 Fire 69cv ​​​​S&S EasyPower, the only one currently in production.


Cheaper LPG cars

Comfortable, handy, it is not afraid of urban traffic and consumes little: in short, there are many reasons to turn to new. Hyundai i10 with LPG engine, available in 1.0 MPI Econext LPG Advanced trim levels (€16,650) and 1.0 MPI Econext GPL Tech (17,750 euros).


Sale of LPG cars

Even the SUV Dacia Duster it is one of the best LPG sales of the year thanks to the advantageous price of the category. To buy the basic model 1.0 TCe 4×2 100cv Eco-G Essential you just need €17,300then it goes up depending on the equipment (there are five) up to the 20,850 euros required for the top of the range 1.0 TCe 4×2 100ch Eco-G SL Extreme.


From India the crossing Mahindra KUV100NXT which has the disadvantage of spitting out a lot of CO2 (emissions at 138 g/km with the new WLTP cycle) but the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, even in the two petrol/LPG bi-fuel versions: €17,395 for the 1.2 K6+ M-BiFuel LPG model and 19,395 euros for the more expensive 1.2 K8 M-BiFuel LPG.


Let’s continue the presentation cheaper LPG cars sold in Italy with the Kia Riostylish hatchback you buy with €17,450 (version 1.2 GPL Urban) or, raising the bar a little, at 19,450 euros for the 1.2 GPL Style.


The Dacia Jogging It is a ready-to-use minivan with a line and dimensions at the crossroads between van, station wagon and crossover. You can also have it with LPG enginein fact there is even an embarrassment of choice with seven petrol versions: prices from €17,450 version 1.0 TCe GPL Essential 5p at 21,650 euros for the 1.0 TCe LPG Extreme Up 7p.


In the ranking of cheapest LPG cars 2023 for sale in Italy there is also the space star, a Mitsubishi city car fitted with a 71 hp/52 kW 1.2 engine with CO2 emissions of 113 g/km. There are two gas versions with these prices: €18,250 for the 1.2 Invite Radio bi-fuel LPG model and 19,140 euros for the 1.2 Intense SDA bi-fuel LPG version.


We end the list of cheaper LPG cars with a 100% Italian proposal: the very classic 2-volume sedan Throw Ypsilon, traditional in style yet modern and innovative in everything else. There are five LPG-powered versions, with prices ranging from €18,350 from the 1.2 69 HP LPG Silver to the 20,800 needed to grab the chic 1.2 69 HP LPG Alberta Ferretti.

Important: All catalog prices are updated for January 24, 2023.

Source : Sicur Auto


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