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Fiat 600 2023: features and launch date of the new SUV Fiat 600 2023: features and launch date of the new SUV

This is what the new Fiat 600 looks like reborn as an SUV in 2023: features, engines and launch date in Italy

17 May 2023 – 09:30

There new fiat 600 2023 came out showing the details of the bodywork without camouflage on the streets of Rome for the shooting of the spot. Barring any surprises before launch, the technical characteristics and engines of the Fiat 600 they are just waiting for official confirmation from Stellantis. Here’s what the new generation of the Fiat 600 looks like and when it will be the launch date in Italy.


Apart from the low-paying city car segment, Stellantis revived the Fiat 600 name attributing it to a new segment, that on which the new car market in Europe holds. There Fiat 600 2023 she is reborn as B-segment SUV and has a lot in common with the design of the Fiat 500X. In reality the dimensions are a little smaller and the stylistic choices of the facade seem more oriented towards the intrigue of the female audience. We perceived these comments on the Fiat 500X Club Italia facebook group which posted the photos taken on the set. Some even revisit the Fiat Stilo in the design of the rear and lights.


Beyond the aesthetic impressions, the Fiat 600 new, just like the Fiat 500X, derives from a platform shared with its Jeep cousins. The new Fiat B-SUV will be built on the Jeep Avenger’s ECMP2 platform (for the electric version – CMP for the ICE version) and shared with all the group’s new B and C segment electric cars. There Fiat 600 SUV 2023 will be assembled at the Tychy plant Poland. The engines at launch in Italy, pending official confirmations should be:

  • Fiat 600 electricwith 156 CV electric motor, 54 kWh lithium battery and approximately 400 km of autonomy;
  • Fiat 600 petrol and hybridwith motor 1.2 Turbos of 100 and 136 hp.


It is Fiat tradition that the main innovations for the Italian market are presented on July 4, as happened for the historic Fiat 500 This was presented on July 4, 1957. That’s why Fiat has remained true to this tradition ever since. We just have to wait for the sequel July 4, 2023 (or even earlier) to take a closer look at more details on the interior of the new Fiat 600.

Source : Sicur Auto


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