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Icy diesel: what to do and how to avoid it

With sudden frosts, the risk of frozen diesel increases: what to do and how not to be caught off guard

February 1, 2023 – 1:00 p.m.

What to do in case of frozen diesel? It’s correct use a diesel additive in winter or are there other valid DIY methods? These are some of the questions that arise among motorists with the first winter frosts. In this article we will explain what to do, which additives to use and how to recognize the products for specific jobs. For example, you can find many kinds of fuel additives on eBay and take advantage of the eBay coupon valid in January and February 2023 to get a discount of up to €300. In the following paragraphs, we will help you identify frozen diesel additives and shed some light on the frozen diesel and how to prevent it.


When we are talking about frozen diesel the idea immediately goes to the ice that forms on the windshield. In reality, the reasons a diesel car won’t start is that a “blockage” has developed in the filter. Due to low temperatures, normal diesel freezes and becomes too viscous and can no longer flow through the fuel system. In cold climates, the cold filter clogging point (CFPP – Cold filter clogging point) is very important and is specified in the UNI EN 590 Standard. When the diesel fuel cools to a cloudy state, the paraffins begin to separate from the wax fuel. With additional cooling, more wax appears, which clogs the filter and impedes fuel flow. Adding antifreeze additives to diesel fuel helps prevent waxing at low temperatures.


Before seeing what are the winter additives for diesel fuel which can be purchased at a reduced price on eBay, it is important to clarify. The use of winter fuel additives has a preventive function, as does the addition of alpine or winter diesel which we will discuss in the following paragraphs. Remembering that the eBay discount coupon at this link can be used multiple times and on the products you prefer, here some examples of additives against frozen diesel in winter, but you could find many more in the fuel antifreeze additives category on eBay:

Additive Bardahl treatment multifunctional diesel fuel Top Diesel – eBay;

Green Star Diesel Multifunction Diesel Antifreeze Additive 250ml Artic Biocide Injection – eBay;

Sintoflon Arctic antifreeze additive concentrate from 1 liter diesel diesel – eBay;

Liqui Moly Antifreeze Additive for Ice in Diesel Paraffin Diesel Antifreeze – eBay;

Tunap187 Diesel Antifreeze Additive Low Temperature Diesel Antifreeze 300ml – eBay;


An alternative for prevent frozen diesel is to use a fuel with a better low temperature filterability point. Generally, gas stations face the same problem, since the tanks are underground. This is why in many regions where the temperature regularly drops below 0°C, winter diesel it is sold instead of the standard. Indeed, even if it is not written explicitly on the distributor (which always bears the classic “Diesel” label), depending on the zones in which we are, we can have “Standard Diesel”, “Winter Diesel” and “Alpine-Diesel”. The difference between the different types of fuel lies precisely in the cloud point, fixed, for example:

  • -12°C for the Eni “Standard”
  • -20°C for the “Alpine”, still Eni.

Even special diesels guarantee optimal operation at very low temperatures but it is more common in places where the temperature constantly drops below zero.


If the car’s tank already contains diesel, the simplest solution is to add a winter diesel additive to the tank in the recommended proportions on the packaging. By adding Alpine diesel, its antifreeze properties would be reduced by mixing with the normal diesel already present. It is also absolutely essential to add these additives to the tank and circulate for at least 10 minutes, so that the added diesel also reaches the supply circuit and the filter. The old “grandmother’s remedy” of adding gasoline to diesel was fine in old diesel engines, but it’s definitely to be avoided in newer common rails because it could damage the engine.


If your car won’t start for Filter clogged with frozen diesel, the only valid remedy is to heat the filter itself. Not easy for two reasons:

  • the filter is not always easily accessible;
  • it is difficult to find a valid heat source anywhere;

There are those who have used the “hairdryer” at home, those who have used the hot exhaust gases of another car (when, rarely, the filter is positioned at the bottom near the tank). Our advice is not to force the ignition of the car too much and not to venture into dangerous remedies. Very often the only valid solution is to wait, in fact many cars now have a diesel preheating system integrated into the diesel filter housing to improve cold starting. If the engine starts, be sure to add antifreeze additive for diesels as soon as possible and replace the fuel filter if necessary.

Source : Sicur Auto


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