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Scraper vs Spray: the best products for the car

It’s not true that the ice scraper is uncomfortable and tiring: here are our recommendations on the best products in the tests

February 13, 2023 – 2:00 p.m.

The use of scraper to remove ice from the windshield and from the car windows it is considered uncomfortable and tiring work compared to de-icing sprays. In fact there is advantages and disadvantages of both often underestimated methods and bad experiences with car ice scrapers are just the result of cheap purchase or misuse. In the next paragraphs we will give you ours tips for buying the best scrapers in the tests and where to buy them.


THE best car ice scrapers they have features that inevitably impact price, but a good ice scraper isn’t always more expensive. The low price of a cheap ice scraper, on the other hand, is almost always the prelude to an ineffective tool when needed. First you need to consider what they are the benefits of ice scrapers with regard to the use of de-icing/de-icing products for windows:

  • effectively remove ice from glass, no risk of freezing which forces you to stop shortly after starting, as with car defrosters;
  • immediate solution too against thicker icewhether the construction and the blade are of good quality.


To help you with an easier shopping experience, we have identified the products that performed best in the Autobild test we discuss in this article. You can easily find many more in the ice scrapers and brushes category on eBay. To be sure to buy a really useful product when you need it, from tests carried out in Germany, the best ice scrapers are:

Heyner Snowstar Car Ice Scraper – eBay;

Petex Car Ice Scraper – eBay;

Auprotec Auto Glass Ice Scraper – eBay;

Michelin Car Ice Scraper – eBay;

Kungs Star-IS Car Ice Scraper – eBay;


The alternative to using the ice scraper on the windshield is as mentioned a de-icing spray based on alcohol and other substances which promote the melting of frost on the glass. Most de-icer sprays for windshields, locks and doors have a very similar formulation and are just as effective. As their effectiveness strongly depends on the thickness of the ice layer, it may be necessary to use them several times in a few minutes and the reasons are simple:

  • at very low temperature, the water dissolved by the alcohol component of the spray solidifies again in a short time;
  • the water sprayed from the windscreen washer, although it is not a liquid specific to very low temperatures, contributes to aggravating the situation;
  • For thick ice it is necessary to use foam de-icing products.

For this reason, if you really want to avoid the ice scraper, invest in your driving safety by purchasing products from specialty brands. Here are some examples of products in the defroster and defroster category on eBay:

Sonax car defroster spray – eBay;

Lampa defroster spray for car windows – eBay;

Arexons Auto Window Defroster – eBay;

Rhutten Car Window Defroster Spray – eBay.

Source : Sicur Auto


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