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How to clean the interior of the car?

Cleaning car interiors without stress: we explain how to do it and what it takes to keep the interior tidy and clean quickly and easily

17 February 2023 – 09:00

be able to keep inside a car cleaning and tidying up is not easy, especially if children and animals are transported on board, when time is of the essence or there is only one shared car in the family. However, with the righteous advice and the right equipment we will guide you step by step through what is for many a boring business. After looking at all the points in the cabin that most often get dirty with your hands, here it is how to clean car interior: thanks to this guide you will discover that it is in no way a job reserved for enthusiasts or “professionals”.

Update February 17, 2023: new content more current and useful for readers


You would never guess what they are places more incredible the passenger compartment where dust can accumulate, dirt and residues that we carry on board, especially with clothes and shoes. Most of the time we realize how dirty the car really is only when we bend down to pick up an object from the carpets or fold the seats down to carry a bulky object. The more time that elapses between one cleaning and the next, the greater the surprise, depending on how the car is used. On the other hand, an “all-terrain” car that takes the children to school, the dog for grooming and the weekly shopping needs to be cleaned more frequently than the one used only on weekends. here because We collected in this article the most useful tips on how to clean the interior of the car do it yourself. We will see in particular:

  • what is essential for cleaning car interiors quickly;
  • THE interior cleaning stepsdepending on the degree of dirt.


First and foremost, there’s no more convenient solution to cleaning a car’s interior than a compact, portable car vacuum. The smartest way to simplify a job considered stressful is to equip yourself with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Useful for cleaning Also when there is no socket available electric current. The optimal solution is thereforerechargeable vacuum cleanerunbeatable for maneuverability, since the power cord does not get in the way the operations. For example, with a lighting fixture you can effortlessly reach even the most hidden spaces. It may seem like an irrelevant detail, but back pain is also one of the most common reasons why car cleaning is postponed.

Between accessories and features more useful in a full car vacuum cleaner must not miss:

  • A brush for vacuum cleaner with soft bristles for more delicate fabrics and leather seats and one suitable for removing pet hair from the carpet, if you’re traveling with your four-legged friend. Some models have a specific anti-tangle brush;
  • a vent small spear. It is essential for vacuuming the door pockets and the space between the seats and the central tunnel or between the seat and the sills;
  • A joint it’s a integrated led light to quickly and easily reach and clean the most hidden corners of the passenger compartment, such as the floor or other less well-lit areas;
  • long battery lifeuseful for cars where deep cleaning is required, as we explain in the next paragraph;
  • suction power which must be from at least 240 AW (Air Watts); often the suction power is Also noted in mm/H2O (must be greater than 1000) or kPa (greater than 13). Also consider that higher suction power may require a larger and heavier battery suitable for household chores and less for cleaning car interiors;
  • in the absence of a very small brush, a small brush may be essential for the narrowest crackssuch as card holder, coin purse, air vents, etc.


We now turn to How to clean a car interior step by step, from getting started to the steps not to back down and now you’ll understand why. In the most frequent cases, the cleaning of the passenger compartment is mainly limited to the living space of the passengers and constitutes the first stage of a good disinfection of the car. However, if you haven’t done a deep clean for a long time, we advise you to fold the rear seats and empty the trunk to the tray containing the spare wheel and leave from there. Then, put everything back in place and let’s focus on the interior.

The steps to follow they start with macro-cleaning and then move on to fine-tuning the details:

  • it is necessary pick up all the objects scattered around the cockpit and store them in a bin in the boot;
  • open all the doors remove car mats. You can also vacuum them outside the car or shake them together away from the carotherwise all the dust will invade the passenger compartment;
  • the carpet is absolutely the part where more dirt accumulates because it enters both through doors and windows, but is also introduced through ventilation openings when the cabin filter is not replaced frequently. Here it will be necessary insist without rushing with the most suitable brush the type of dirt (dust, hair, etc.) and the fabric (carpet, alcantara, etc.);
  • from the ground you rise. Vacuum all the crevices in the cabin, around the seats, the center tunnel, the driver’s pedals, the door panels, the glove boxes and the dashboard.

  • before continuing the car vacuum cleaner on the seatsit is advisable to change the brush e clean the accessory (brush or nozzle) which may have become dirty during previous operations;
  • the penultimate step is then to cleaning of all interior plastics and dashboards with a specific detergent and a cloth in microfiber. This is an opportunity to remove stubborn stains in glove boxes, which are easier to remove even with the help of a second brush and detergent. We advise you not to spray the product directly on the dashboard and the buttons, but on a cloth or a brush. In general, only a dust cloth should be used on the screens in any case, follow the instructions in the car’s instruction booklet;
  • finally, he can’t miss car window cleaningwith a special window cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. This operation is essential to avoid glare and reflections at night and significantly reduces window fogging in winter, if repeated frequently.

remember that a clean car is more welcoming for passengers but also more comfortable and safer to drive for the driver!

Source : Sicur Auto


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