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The best replacement car batteries: the 2023 ranking

Here are our tips for choosing the best car batteries for vehicles with and without Start&Stop and where to buy them

February 20, 2023 – 1:28 p.m.

When the time comes to change car battery because it is no longer recharged, we almost always resort to car batteries from DIY stores – see our survey here. However, you don’t always have a great choice car battery brand and we must be satisfied. That’s why we decided to make this guide with the ranking of the best car batteries for 2023, based on the latest test results, with our recommendations on where to buy them. Those in the following paragraphs are just a few examples, but in the car battery category on eBay you can choose the brand you prefer, as long as it is suitable for your car.


The advantage of buy car battery online is certainly to be able to easily choose the right battery and the brand you prefer. To avoid making mistakes, we advise you to insert Make, model and equipment in the virtual garage MyGarage on eBay and you will know immediately whether the battery is suitable for your vehicle or not. We also advise you not only to look at the price, but also to make sure that car battery shipping it will be done with suitable packaging by contacting the seller. Don’t miss our tips for buying a car battery online. Now let’s see what they are the best car batteries 2023 to the TCS tests latest and where to buy them. Considering that the circulating parking lot is very varied, we will divide them into paragraphs car batteries without Start&Stop And car batteries with Start&Stop.


THE car batteries without Start & Stop they are simpler but less efficient than the EFB and AGM batteries we talk about in the #SicurEDU video. Not all batteries for this with free lead acid are the same: the most important manufacturers in fact adopt different solutions also in “normal” batteries, for example:

  • grids of active elements with more resistant materials vibes;
  • element geometries designed to increase it electrochemical exchange between elements;
  • greater resistance freezing, short circuit, discharge and sulphation.

Here is what they are the best car batteries without Start & Stop in the Swiss Touring Club tests that you can buy from eBay’s top professional seller partners. We remind you that in the eBay car battery category you can buy the battery you prefer.

Banner Power Bull P9533 95Ah Car Battery – eBay;

Bosch Silver S4 008 74Ah Car Battery – eBay;

Exide 096TE EA722 – 72Ah Car Battery – eBay.


THE car batteries with Start & Stop I’m type efb extension (Improved flooded battery) And Extension of the AGM (Absorbent glass mat) and indicated for vehicles that have a higher energy demand (more accessories and systems) and more stressful operating conditions. If you plan to install a normal lead acid battery instead of an EFB or AGM, be aware that:

  • car batteries efb extension withstand twice as many load cycles compared to traditional sinkers;
  • car batteries Extension of the AGM withstand three times the load cycles compared to a normal battery.

It is therefore advisable to switch from an ordinary battery to EFB/AGM but not the other way around. Here is what they are the best car batteries with Start & Stop in Swiss Touring Club tests from top eBay professional seller partners:

Exide EK950 95Ah AGM Micro-Hybrid Car Battery – eBay;

Varta N70 70Ah Start&Stop EFB car battery – eBay;

Banner Bull 59201 92 Ah AGM car battery – eBay.

Source : Sicur Auto


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