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Used and regenerated spare parts: how to safely save money online Used and regenerated spare parts: how to safely save money online


Buying used, regenerated or overhauled auto parts online saves money and emissions for the environment: our tips for doing it safely

February 27, 2023 – 1:21 p.m.

THE used and reconditioned auto parts they are an important resource for the auto repair industry as they carry benefits for both the environment and consumers. Since there is always a lot of confusion on this topic, let’s clarify also to dispel doubts and avoid errors with the purchase of used car parts online.


The shortage, the increase in the costs of raw materials and energy, had a decisive impact on the costs of components and spare parts, on the warehouse and on delivery times. This is why many repair shops, especially bodybuilders, make more use of second-hand or equivalent spare parts. When can we use the assembly of used or regenerated spare parts? First of all it’s good to understand the difference between used, overhauled and regenerated spare partsin order to be able to make informed decisions:

Refurbished or “Reman” auto parts. A regenerated spare part is almost always an OEM part, i.e. from the first factory, used which has been disassembled by specialist companies and on which all worn components have been replaced. A remanufactured part has been cleaned and if necessary some of its components have been replaced. It will show minimal wear, but of equivalent quality and strength to a new replacement.

Overhauled auto parts. These are the car parts that specialized companies recover in workshops or recover from end-of-life vehicles. Usually before being relisted are cleaned and tested in all their functions.

Used car parts. These are exclusively parts that come cleaned and checked in their integrity general, but without reset or regeneration operations. Seller must report all defects that do not affect function. Among the 3 types of spare parts it is not always possible to have a long-term guarantee, which is why this category includes parts whose wear is easier to determine or which have nothing to do with driving safety systems, for example:

  • used auto body parts on eBay;
  • used car interior parts on eBay;
  • used engines on eBay;
  • automotive electrical parts on eBay;
  • admission and injection auto parts on eBay;
  • Used or Refurbished Automatic Transmissions on eBay.


To avoid a bad buy, we do not recommend that you buy functional parts for driving safety that have not been reconditioned or are not guaranteed by the seller. Protecting the environment and your wallet is commendable, but not at the expense of your own safety and that of others. Also, always arrange the purchase of auto parts with your trusted repairer. Having made this important and necessary premise, let us see how much do you save with some examples:

Fiat 600 regenerated car alternator with 12 month warranty – Ebay;

New Fiat 600 car alternator – Ebay.


Buy remanufactured, used or reconditioned auto partsalso saves money up to -50% fees of repair. However, it is important to remember these advice:

  • check that the spare part is suitable for the model, engine, equipment and production year of your car. Contact the seller directly and get assistance from your repairer;
  • prefer spare parts sold with warranty operated by professional sellers;
  • check whether you need to return the replacement deleted of your car. This usually happens with remanufactured spinning spares, less often with overhauled spares, and never with used parts.

In case of return of the worn spare part dismantled from the car, agree with the seller of the schedules. This is important to avoid misunderstandings with the seller and installer.

Source : Sicur Auto



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