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Car jack test in the workshop: 9 models compared Car jack test in the workshop: 9 models compared


Not all lifts live up to manufacturers’ promises: Auto Bild’s 2023 car jack test shows glaring failures and unexpected surprises

March 9, 2023 – 3 p.m.

THE workshop car jack test 2023 by Auto Bild in cooperation with the KÜS literally under pressure 9 models of hydraulic tappets with a reach declared by 2t up. Among the rolling jacks tested, there are lighter and cheaper models, suitable to be transported in the trunk of a car, and heavier models suitable for semi-professional use but with higher costs. Despite the price, from 47 to 447 euros, glaring failures abound. Here is in the following paragraphs the test of the German magazine, the results and ranking of the strongest car jacks.


The German magazine wore car jack strength tests in the technical laboratories of Kunzer in cooperation with the test organization KÜS. The main test for rolling jacks is that of resistance under a hydraulic press weighing about 100 kg capable of generating force 20 tons. This test checks:

  • there reach real hoist;
  • the effectiveness of safety valvewhich must prevent lifting when the capacity limit of the jack is reached;
  • there resistance of the metal structure and the cylinder hydraulics in case of overload;

Prior to the hydraulic test, each product was subjected to preliminary evaluations measuring:

  • Main Features;
  • manufacturing quality;
  • weight and height;
  • maximum lifting height;
  • minimum lifting height.


THE car jack strength test 2023, was carried out in several phases, all aimed at verifying whether the elevator withstands the stresses without breaking or deforming. The test carried out according to DIN 1494 standard is broken down into several steps:

  • verification ofsafety valve intervention when the load generated by the press at the maximum height of the arm exceeds the capacity declared by the manufacturer;
  • if the safety valve does not activate when the flow rate is exceeded, it is increased by +30% load applied with respect to scope;
  • if during the previous test the safety valve did not trigger, it is increased by +50% applied load relative to the perimeter.


Auto Bild explains that there are a few important considerations to be done in particular with regard to the prices, quality and performance of the products:

  • only the Kunzer e car jack Omega I am Almost entirely do in aluminiumwhile all the others have only an aluminum frame and everything else is steel (contrary to what the manufacturers claim);
  • THE Omega car jack is approved to lift loads up to 2700 kg and weighs 25.8kg. THE kunzer lifts up to 2000 kg and weighs 19.2kg. Among the semi-professional jacks, the Kunzer is the lightest but also the most expensive (447 euros)
  • THE Erba, Güde, Stier and BGS car jacks I am identical. They only differ in small details, such as the color, the stickers, the bearings used or the setting of the safety valve and the aluminum frame only.

In this guide we explain the mistakes not to make with garage jacks. Rather here car jack test ranking, from worst to best, with comments from Auto Bild. Here you can see more details about the tested products.

9.KS-TOOLS 161.0365 SlimPower: “one of the cheapest aluminum jacks. Safety valve is activated 2.4 t instead of 2 t and in the load test the frame it distorts a lot that the arm cannot return to the resting position”.

8.Omega Mechanix 2602701: “almost entirely aluminum, but weighs over 25 kg. The safety valve activates late and the cylinder shows minimal deformations in the load test. The most negative aspect is the very imprecise adjustment”.

7. Unitec hydraulic cylinder: “the car jack lighter of the test (9 kg) but the the safety valve does not activate. The load test was stopped at 3 t for safety reasons, showing no damage to the jack”.

6.Enva plug for lowered cars: “suitable for low-slung (minimum height 85 mm) and low-weight (10 kg) cars. The safety valve activates well after the maximum load, but does not undergo deformation in the stress test.

5.Güde GRH 2.5/460 AL: “the safety valve activates first (2.3 t) then does not deliver as promised (2.5t). After the load test has small oil leaks but it still works”.

4. Technical BGS 2889: “the safety valve is activated just above the maximum load (2.5 t) and after the stress test they have occurred oil leaks but it kept working”.

3.Kunzer WK 1019 Alu: “It has the lowest lifting height, easy to use and accurate. The safety valve activates correctly and the chassis suffers minimal deformations under pressure”.

2.Stier hydraulic: “After the test There was no oil leakage or deformation. The finish and operation of the wheels can be improved ».

1. Budding car jack 03276: “easy to use, the safety valve activates correctly, no damage after the pressure test ».

Source : Sicur Auto



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