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Car baby egg test 2023: the Autobild ranking Car baby egg test 2023: the Autobild ranking

Autobild compared 7 car seats in the 2023 car seat test: here are the results and the ranking with the advantages and disadvantages of each product

March 22, 2023 – 3 p.m.

The German magazine Autobild compared the characteristics of car seats for kids up to 15 months. In the comparison of car egg test 2023, Autobild conducted an assessment of ergonomics, child comfort, build quality and ease of use. While performance hasn’t been rated like in the car seat crash tests we report in our Guide to Carrying Children in Cars. Here is the classification of the 7 egg cups for transporting babies by car in the Autobild test.


The Autobild comparison focused on evaluating aspects that can mainly influence purchase and use, while safety in the event of an accident is certified by compliance with ECE R44 and ECE R129 i homologation standards. -Size (for child seats with Isofix). The assessments that led to the ranking of car eggs with a price from 94 to 250 euros on:

  • handlingin particular the clarity of the safety and installation instructions on the child seat, the instructions and the pictograms;
  • quality constructive, in particular presence of sharp edges on the seat, effectiveness of the hood against the sun, stability of the handle, operation of the mechanisms, breathability and ventilation;
  • assemblywith and without Isofix base on an Opel Combo and a Peugeot 3008. Particular attention has been paid to the difficulty of installing the seat or belt seat and to the stability of the seat in the car. During installation, it was checked whether there was a risk of injury or the possibility of incorrect fitting of the child seat, as shown the #SafeEDU video below;
  • comfortin particular ease of use of the straps when positioning the child, sturdiness of the belt buckle, non-slip shoulder pads, belt adjustment, seat comfort, head position.


The models of auto eggs 2023 in the Autobild test in alphabetical order they are:

  • Britax Romer Primo (about 180 euros)
  • Cybex Aton B2 i-Size (about 148 euros)
  • Hauck Comfort Fix (about 94 euro)
  • i-snug joy (about 110 euros)
  • Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix i-Size (about 160 euros)
  • Nuna Pipe Next (about 250 euros)
  • Recaro Advanced (about 200 euros).


Here is 2023 car egg test results and standingswith Autobild ratings and reviews, pros and cons, last to first:

7. Hauck Comfort Fix: Bad

Benefits: None

Against: indicators turned green with the base not yet properly attached, unstable in the car, no buckle protection, sticky base release mechanism;

6. Britax Römer Primo: satisfying

Benefits: easy to use, correct sitting position;

Against: build quality could be improved, flimsy lens hood, handle mechanism and lid look cheap;

5. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix i-Size: satisfactory

Benefits: sitting position, functioning;

Against: difficult to understand pictograms, wide headrest which does not hold the head in place;

4. Cybex Aton B2 i-Size: good

Benefits: good quality of manufacture, installation;

Against: it takes a lot of force to tighten the belts;

3. Joy i-snug: good

Benefits: low weight, ideal position for the child, simple installation, price;

Against: bulky design, seat ventilation not optimal;

2.Recaro Avan: good

Benefits: improved headrest adjustment, clearly visible isofix base indicators;

Against: dimensions and compatibility with small cars;

1.Nuna Pipe Next: good

Benefits: quality, simple operation and easy installation;

Against: heavy weight and seat a bit stiff.

Source : Sicur Auto


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