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Taking the food out of our packs, and gathering some fresh fruit from a nearby tree, we settle down to a simple and satisfying meal.You can also soothe your child's swollen parotid glands with either warm or cold packs.

Pack of lies first attested 1763.He carried his luggage in a pack on his back.Hydrogen, the most potent fuel going, packs nearly three times the energy of gasoline.

Club chiefs denied that Jeffs had been sent packing for disciplinary reasons - though they did admit his behaviour had not been perfect.I can send them packing but I have elderly neighbours who may not be able to do that so easily.Our nearest neighbour across the water has its decision clear; hunting with packs of hounds will be banned.

Also called pack wall.a rubble wall for supporting a roof.The vital marrow was packed in ice for the flight from the USA and given to Mr Worral to help him fight the myeloid leukaemia he was diagnosed with in September.

Send off, dispatch, dismiss, bundle off View synonyms pack something out Pack something up and take it away.Frank noisily rummages around a drawer and gets a pack of cigarettes and lights one.Because they had been so late, their luggage had to be manually packed in the luggage compartment, thus delaying the plane for another fifteen minutes.