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Radburn, A, South African Army Ranks and Insignia, In: Militaria, South African Journal of Military Studies, Vol 20, Nr 2, 1990 Salut.It replaced brigadier-general in the army, and was itself replaced by brigadier in both the army and the Marines.The colonel-commandant is also the ceremonial head of some Army corps and this position is usually held by a senior general.

Headquarters commandant denotes a staff officer in charge of the internal administration of a military headquarters, with emphasis on maintenance and security of buildings and grounds.Formerly, commandant was the usual title for the head of the Special Constabulary within a police force.Commandant is also the duty title of the senior enlisted leader of a Professional Military Education (PME) academy, such as the Airman Leadership School, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy.

References edit a b Radburn,.Commanding officers of each battalion.

Military History Journal (in Afrikaans).The Indian Army also used the appointment of colonel-commandant between 19 in the same way as the British Army.

In some forces the title was chief commandant, with subordinate divisional or sub-divisional commandants.Pronunciation edit Noun edit commandant m ( plural commandants ) commander (function) major (rank) Further reading edit Verb edit commandant third-person plural present active subjunctive of command Etymology edit This entry lacks etymological information.3 and commander of a battalion.