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They entice passing males, engage them in conversation, lay back, spread their legs and rest their feet on the mens shoulders.I always advise against consenting to any search or talking to a police officer. .What the you got on us?

Remember, nobody can invoke your rights but you.Both Marks and Willey, who had publicly ridiculed the Arena PD and accused it of racism, were known to the police, yet Stroik simply deleted their comments rather than pressing charges.

Then Chief Rizzi claims no harm, no foul, and doesnt punish Gillette, but puts him back on the street, knowing he would just hurt people.On the way to the jail, Ford protested that he was being punished for exercising his freedom of speech.

On August 18 exactly one year after his life-altering fight with Cardenas Basford had a preliminary hearing on a charge of filing a false report to a public servant.In reporting the story, the idiot possibly some male-hating feminist who wrote the headline for ABC News describes the above: ".

(Emphasis added.) This was a great example of my former Squads dynamics, Basford wearily explained.I filed official complaints about misconduct and abuse that I saw on the street and in the lock-up.Basford had just finished an administrative call when he heard gunshots and saw an armed man later identified as Cardenas racing through the neighborhood.