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All reports are subject to review prone stresses natural tendency or propensity to incur something.The perianal area can be highly sensitive to perfumes, soaps, clothes, fabrics, dietary intake and superficial trauma.

You've written that patients today are more sensitive to body signals; they're more likely to go to the doctor for something than they would have a few decades ago.Origin of sensitive, middle English sensitife from Middle French sensitif from Medieval Latin sensitivus from Classical Latin sensus : see sense medium (noun) sensitive adjective, capable of perceiving with a sense or senses: Aristotle held that animals have a sensitive soul, but only humans have.An example of sensitive is skin that breaks out in hives when touched by most lotions.

He was suspected of passing sensitive information to other countries In addition to the above, some classified information is so sensitive that even the extra protection measures applied to Top Secret information are not sufficient.The most simple way to look at this is that a genotype might influence who is sensitive to the impact of that first unhealthy weight loss diet they go on, she said.Aware of or careful about the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others: The book is a sensitive treatment of a troubled friendship.

Thus, the positive results demonstrated by the sensitives do not appear to have resulted from ubiquitous stereotypes regarding ghosts that caused witnesses and sensitives to respond to the locale in a concordant manner.A claim open to question exposed suggests lack of protection or powers of resistance against something actually present or threatening.

Strains with mutations in both genes are very sensitive to DNA damaging agents, have very short telomeres, and undergo cellular senescence.Responsive or capable of responding to a chemical stimulus or substance.