Stretchy bracelets at the paper store

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Stretchy bracelets at the paper store
ordering. Statement, rope, medical/Alert, buddha Beads, iD/Identification, limited Time Deals. Got one to sell? Silver, gold, black, multi-Color, brown, blue, white. Information Collected by the Spoonflower Etsy Shop and

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She stretched the piece of elastic to its fullest extent; His scarf was so long that it could stretch right across the room; This material stretches; The dog yawned and stretched (itself He stretched (his arm/hand) up as far as he could, but still could.To limit that set further you can use the data-stretchy-filter attribute, on any element.With no type attribute, or with one equal to text, tel, email, url).

This app uses, lato fonts under the, oFL license.If you want to avoid modifying the markup, you can use JavaScript instead: lter ".foo,.foo Note that to prevent Stretchy from being applied to elements that dont match the selector at all, you would need to run that line before domcontentLoaded fires.

Tiny footprint, less than.5KB minified and gzipped!Strech-ee / strt i / adjective, stretchier, stretchiest.

Fork me on GitHub.Capable of being stretched ; elastic.Cobb They alleven the cat-thingwas wearing those shiny, stretchy clo'es.

Plays well with existing html/CSS, follows placeholders, styling, min/max-width/height constraints, transitions.For example, to restrict it to elements that either have the foo class or are inside another element that does, you could use data-stretchy-filter".foo,.foo on an element or call Stretchy like this: script src" stretchy.Stretchy works via event delegation and detects new elements via mutation observers, so you do not need to call any API methods for adding new elements via scripting (e.g.