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Ztl Milano: in 2023 also in San Siro during the events

A short guide to the Ztl in Milan: map, rules and timetables for the limited traffic areas of the Lombard capital, in particular zone B and zone C. And in 2023 the Ztl of San Siro will also arrive

January 23, 2023 – 4:15 p.m.

How it works ZTL in Milano? Through map, rules and timetables let’s try to familiarize ourselves with the two large limited traffic zones of the Lombardy metropolis: zone B, known as “the largest Ztl in Italy” and C-zone, in order to offer the best possible service to residents but also, if not especially, to occasional visitors. So let’s see which cars can or cannot enter the Ztl of Milan, possible fees, exceptions and everything else (click on the cards to view them in larger format). The new one should start in spring 2023 ZTL San Siro activated during stadium events (matches and concerts).

Update of January 23, 2023 with the latest information on the new San Siro Limited Traffic Zone that will be activated in 2023.


The Municipality of Milan has announced the introduction of a new Ztl in the San Siro areaexpecting to officially activate it in the spring of 2023. The layout stems from a desire to reduce traffic around the stadium during games and concerts, when very long queues and wild parking lots are rampant. Precisely for this reason the Ztl San Siro will be active exclusively during stadium events and will allow access only to residents and also to those who have a reserved place in paid parking lots. The new Ztl San Siro will include the entire G. Meazza stadium area, the racecourse, part of the new Palalido Allianz Cloud and will reach as far south as via Novara. The entrances will be controlled by 24 cameras, but there are already plans to increase them.

At the same time, you are already thinking about improve public transport allow non-resident workers to reach the district smoothly, for example by increasing the routes of line 5 of the Milan metro. The possibility of activating new shuttles is also being evaluated, taking advantage of the old vaccine zone via Novara.


B-area coincides with a large part of the territory of Milan. It’s a Ztl with ban on access and circulation for the most polluting vehicles in addition to those longer than 12 meters carrying goods.

  • Zone B opening hours:
    The Ztl is active Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., excluding public holidays.
  • Passenger transport vehicles unable to access zone B:
    Euro 0, 1 petrol cars;
    Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 diesel cars without DPF;
    Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 diesel cars with aftermarket DPF with a particle mass class lower than Euro 4;
    Diesel cars 3 with standard DPF and V.5 range > 0.025 g/km or no value;
    Bi-fuel cars diesel-LPG and diesel-methane Euro 0, 1, 2, 3;
    Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 diesel cars with aftermarket DPF installed after 31/12/2018 and with a particle mass class of at least Euro 4;
    Euro 0.1 two-stroke mopeds and motorcycles;
    Euro 0, 1 diesel mopeds and motorcycles.

NB: from 2022 to 2030 the restrictions will be gradually extended to other categories of vehicles. Specifically from October 1, 2022 the prohibition of access also concerns:

Euro 2 petrol car;
Euro 4 diesel cars without DPF;
Euro 4 diesel cars with standard DPF and V.5 range > 0.0045 g/km or worthless;
Euro 3, 4 diesel cars with standard DPF and with field V.5 registration certificate <= 0.0045 g/km;
Euro 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 diesel cars with aftermarket DPF fitted before 31/12/2018 and with a particle mass class of at least Euro 4;
Euro 4 diesel cars with aftermarket DPF installed after 31/12/2018 and with a particle mass class at least equal to Euro 4;
Euro 5 diesel car.

  • Cost of access to zone B:
    There are no fees. Excluded vehicles simply cannot access Ztl activation days and times.
  • Exceptions for access to Zone B:
    For each vehicle: official derogation consisting of a bonus of 50 days, even non-consecutive, of circulation the first year of entry into force of the ban;
    Residents: from the second year of entry into force of the ban, a resident can benefit from 25 days of access and dynamic circulation per year, counted from October 1 to September 30, after registering on the Portal Zone B. For non-residents access days drop to 5.

expected exceptions also for companies with operational headquarters in Milan and outside Milan; driving schools, sales agents and artisans; transport of people with serious pathologies and rare diseases and people referred to emergencies; health personnel for medical interventions available quickly; general practitioners and family paediatricians; shift workers and subjects obliged to remain in military barracks; volunteers who provide social and health assistance; vehicles of historical interest over 30 years old.

More information: https://www.comune.milano.it/aree-tematiche/mobilita/area-b


Ztl in Milan Zone C

C-zone is an area of ​​the historic center of Milan, delimited by 43 gates, which coincides with the Circle of Bastions Ztl. For certain types of vehicles, access to zone C is free and unrestricted; the others can access the hours of activity in zone C by paying an entrance ticket valid for one day.

  • Zone C opening hours:
    Ztl Area C in Milan is active Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. However, it is not active on Saturdays and public holidays.
  • Vehicles that enter Zone C free of charge:
    vehicles transporting disabled people, with a permit, or people going to the hospital emergency room;
    electric cars, mopeds and motorcycles;
    M1 hybrid vehicles (electric-thermal propulsion) with contribution to emissions ≤ 100 g/km;
    M1 hybrid vehicles with contribution to CO2 emissions > 100 g/km (until 10/01/2022);
    hybrid motor vehicles other than passenger cars (until 10/01/2023);
    vehicles displaying the invalid card whose holder is on board the vehicle;
    vehicles for specific transport permanently equipped with special equipment for the transport of persons with motor disabilities;
    vehicles belonging to or for exclusive use by the Armed Forces, the Police Forces, the Local Police, associations carrying out recognized first aid or socio-sanitary transport activities;

For the complete list, we refer you to the official Zone C website (link below).

  • Cost of access to zone C:
    To enter Zone C, a ticket must be purchased and activated by associating the promo code with the vehicle’s license plate. With a ticket, you can enter and exit Zone C with the same vehicle an unlimited number of times in the same day. The cost varies from 2 euros (for residents) to 5 euros (for non-residents). Tickets can be purchased online or at the parking meter (more details on payment for Zone C here).
  • Exceptions for access to Area C:
    Reductions and exemptions are provided for vehicles with a disability badge; for companies with service vehicles; for companies and associations operating in the field of social and health assistance and animal protection; in case of health reasons; for local residents and similar and for approved garages; for access between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

More information: https://www.comune.milano.it/aree-tematiche/mobilita/area-c.

Source : Sicur Auto


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