3 HR actions to deploy to take care of your employees

3 HR actions to deploy to take care of your employees

The subject of quality of life at work has been on everyone’s lips for several years. And for good reason: the culture of the company is a fundamental pillar of the employer brand. A strong HR promise, career development, CSR commitment, atmosphere and well-being at work: an employer brand must be carefully designed to engage its employees on a long-term basis. Far from the clichés of table football, it is a question here of setting up substantive HR actions, which improve and facilitate the daily life of the teams in the long term.

1. Provide good health coverage

We are fortunate to live in a time when technological innovations are flourishing in the market. This is the case for the health sector, and in particular for social security.

Who never got lost in a maze of administrative formalities to get reimburse such consultation or medication ? Traditional mutuals are struggling to adapt to a generation in search of digital-friendly experiences.

Executives, HR managers and managers, dare to think outside the box to test new approaches and reflections that finally put people back at the center of the company’s challenges. Some market players provide innovative solutions that make life easier for your employees.

In the case of health, the advantages are numerous: quick and proactive reimbursements, teleconsultation, alternative medicine, live chat with a doctor … A real relief for employees as well as for human resources, as the solutions are digital-friendly and come to respond to generational issues.

2. Engage your teams around solidarity projects

Offering employees the opportunity to get involved in a solidarity project is an excellent way to boost their commitment and their pride. Even more so if the cause supported has been chosen internally! Company and employees act together to have a positive impact on the world.

For example, Salary Rounding is quick and easy to set up. It allows employees to reserve pennies of their salary (or even a little more) for a cause supported by the entire company. The sum thus collected can be replenished by the employer who shares the efforts of his collaborators for a common goal.

By being benevolent and inspiring with its employees, the company creates a fertile ground for commitment.

3. Promote soft mobility

While teleworking has been the daily life of a large part of French people for a year, transport issues remain topical for many employees. Companies therefore have every interest in looking at the travel flows of their employees, with the primary aim of improving their mobility.

Since 2020, companies have been encouraged to offer their employees the “sustainable mobility package” for the use of ecological modes of transport (mainly cycling and car-sharing). With a maximum amount of € 500 per year, it allows the employee in particular to maintain his bicycle, to replace it or to take out a shared vehicle subscription.

Companies can also organize carpooling between colleagues for those who use their car for their commute to work. If the task is sometimes difficult internally, know that some players also offer carpooling solutions on a daily basis. Many advantages can be associated with this kind of solution, including guaranteed return by private driver if the planned carpooler fails or the driver’s remuneration.

Be committed and united, together. Offer solutions that make everyday life easier for employees in the office… and outside. Today more than ever, companies must adapt to their internal culture some of the many levers at their disposal to strengthen the support and pride of their teams.

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