A new Dassault deputy and the Strasbourg mosque. The 6 p.m. of March 23, 2021 from PolitiqueMatin.fr

 A new Dassault deputy and the Strasbourg mosque.  The 6 p.m. of March 23, 2021 from PolitiqueMatin.fr

A new Dassault deputy and the Strasbourg mosque. Back to the political news of Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

Victor Habert-Dassault seeks the seat of his uncle

At 28, Olivier Dassault’s nephew, Victor Habert-Dassault announced in the Picard Courier that he wanted to run for the succession of his uncle to the post of deputy of the Oise. ” I often thought of following in my uncle’s footsteps, but I had the time. Unfortunately, we don’t foresee the unforeseeable ” did he declare. Recalling that the death of his uncle had accelerated his decision-making.

« I am 28 years old and my legal studies are finished. If I want to choose a path, it’s now. And the drama we have just experienced led me to accelerate my decision. We are not born Dassault. We become it. I assume a tragic fate that I did not want. I am made of a wood which obliges me. If I did not respond to this moment in the story that links my family and the Oise, I would probably regret it all my life ».

Gérald Darmanin protests against the financial aid received by a mosque

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, rebelled via a Tweet about the financial aid granted by the mayor of Strasbourg for the construction of a mosque. A 10% subsidy that the municipality which lives under the rule of the Concordat also grants to other places of worship.

« The green city hall of Strasbourg finances a mosque supported by a federation which refused to sign the charter of principles of Islam in France and which defends a political Islam. Strongly that everyone open their eyes and that the separatism law will soon be voted and promulgated ».

L’Avenir français, a Gaullist party close to the National Rally

On Monday March 22, 2021, a new political party was officially born, L’Avenir français. A Gaullist party close to the National Rally. Launched by Jean-Philippe Tanguy, L’Avenir français has bled the ranks of Debout la France. Indeed, Jean-Philippe Tanguy is none other than the former number 2 of the party of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, which he left in November 2020.

Thus, L’Avenir français is a friendly party of the Rassemblement national. Marine Le Pen also made the trip on Monday March 22 to participate in the official launch of the party and show her support for Jean-Philippe Tanguy in this new political adventure.

Gérald Darmanin : « We will sue those responsible »

Sunday March 21, 2021, 6,000 Marseillais found themselves during an illegal carnival, because contrary to the sanitary rules. Asked about this, Monday March 22, 2021, on Europe 1, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced: ” We will continue, and this is already the case in part with the arrests and immediate appearances, the officials ».

The minister then went back on the orders followed by the police to control a dense and heterogeneous crowd. ” There were a lot of families, a lot of children. There were also 400 people who came from the ultra-left, extremely violent. The instruction that was given was first to secure the fact that families and children were in Marseille, unfortunately in a demonstration that was neither authorized, nor legal, nor declared. ».

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