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Android Auto 9.6: what’s new in the new version Android Auto 9.6: what’s new in the new version

Official release of Android Auto 9.6: news about the new version of the Google app and other features to come

May 22, 2023 – 2:00 p.m.

After the release of beta mode a few days ago, Android Auto 9.6 is now available for everyone in a stable release and features some noveltyalthough it is not particularly significant. In the next few lines, however, we’ll explain everything you need to know.


But first, let’s remember what e is how android auto works. It is a free smartphone application, developed by Google, which allows mobile devices with the Android operating system to be used in the car via the infotainment system on the car’s dashboard. In practice, by connecting the smartphone to the car screen (on some vehicles it is also possible to do this wirelessly, without using a USB cable), the phone applications are displayed on the car screen , help the driver not to divert his attention from the road when, for example, he has to configure a route on the GPS navigator, put on music or make a phone call, being able to use voice commands in this case (using the Google Assistant).

The Android Auto app is supported on more than 500 cars (full list) and is compatible with many models of aftermarket stereos (Complete list). In smartphones with the Android 10 operating system and later, the app is built into the phone and therefore does not need to be downloaded. The procedure for configure Android Auto it is available here.

The equivalent app for iPhone owners is Apple CarPlay.


Google updates Android Auto very frequently to introduce new features and fix bugs. Do you think version 9.4 was not officially released until May 2, 2023 and after only 20 days 9.5 and now 9.6. Unfortunately, as specified by the specialized magazine Tuttoandroid.net, the Google team has not yet published a changelog with the novelties introduced with the last update and this suggests that only certain some bugfixes encountered by users. However, improvements should also be made to ensure amost enjoyable experience it’s a greater stability of the app. The release of the stable version a few days after the beta still suggests that it is a mature version and considered reliable by the developers.

As soon as we have more certain news on the news of the Android Auto version 9.6 we will add them to this paragraph.


But the release of Android Auto 9.6 is only a small appetizer of news news which are already affecting and will affect the Google app in the near future. First of all, Android Auto is about to officially welcome Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom in such a way that it’s much easier connect to work meetings via audio directly in the carwithout being distracted while driving. Another novelty is the number of vehicles that will receive in 2023 Android Automotive, the operating system specially designed for cars, which will arrive by the end of the year on other models of major brands such as Chevrolet, Honda, Polestar, Renault and Volvo.

Besides, Youtube is now available for car manufacturers who wish to provide the application on “embedded” systems: the novelty comes from Over The Air software updates. Finally, the number of cars compatible with Waze, the famous navigation application that provides real-time reports on traffic, road closures, accidents, fixed and mobile speed cameras and charging stations for electric cars, is about to increase.

Source : Sicur Auto


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