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Volvo V60 in moose test struggles with understeer Volvo V60 in moose test struggles with understeer

The Volvo V60 exceeds 70 km/h in the original test by Teknikens Värld, the famous Swedish magazine that has made automakers tremble

May 23, 2023 – 1:00 p.m.

When a car is subject to Moose test Teknikens Värld, Builders have good reason to be concerned. But this time the Volvo V60, which has already proven its crash safety with 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, is not particularly discouraged. The maneuver that became known to the world thanks to the Swedish magazine almost 30 years ago, tested how quickly avoiding a sudden obstacle can put the driver in trouble and cause a car to break down. Here is the moose test video below and commentary by Teknikens Värld.


THE moose trial (Or moose test) is based on the ISO 3888-2 standard. In practice, the test driver driving the test car drives up to a constant test speed. When it comes to a point marked by cones swerves sharply to avoid an obstacle, which could be another car or a wild animal. Before turning, the driver takes his foot off the accelerator and the evasive maneuver is carried out using the steering wheel only and without any other commands but with the ESP safety system active. The piloting takes place in two phases:

obstacle avoidance, performed at an increasingly high speed in the various tests. This is to check how well the steering wheel, suspension, chassis and tires provide manageable control even in the face of an unexpected obstacle;

return to the initial trajectory (a 3 meter wide cone lane) without requiring excessive wheel corrections and without knocking over any cones. They can occur in the event of oversteer (tendency to spin) or understeer (the front wheels slip sideways and the car widens its trajectory), two behaviors of a car that has reached its limits of stability.


Before seeing the comments on the result of the Test Teknikens Varld, for the uninitiated, the Swedish magazine became famous among the general public for highlighting the stability problems of the Mercedes A-Class W168 in 1997. The test involved the recall of the first 2600 cars sold and the suspension of production until the development of improvements to prevent rollover. They have been modified pendant lights and the system of stability control became standard on all cars.


To better understand the Volvo V60 Mild Hybrid Moose Test Resultsit should be remembered that the reference speed for this test is 77 km/h, exceeded only by the Tesla Model Y with a weight of around 2 tons like the Volvo. “At 72 km/h the Volvo V60 reacts with confidence, there is a slight roll but the intervention of the ESC allows it to follow the initial trajectory”comments the Swedish magazine. “The only major evidence is a little understeer, but nothing dramatic. At 74km/h the car continues to behave safely but is close to the grip limit of the tires, in fact there is a slight slide in the second part of the test. ESC counteracts oversteer but the rest tendency to understeer which is easily managed ».

Source : Sicur Auto


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