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Strike of July 19, 2023 Turin public transport: means guaranteed Strike of July 19, 2023 Turin public transport: means guaranteed

The strike of July 19, 2023 in Turin in public transport is approaching: however, the means are guaranteed because the demonstration falls on a Wednesday

17 July 2023 – 12:30

Another day of inconvenience for those traveling with the public transport in Turin because of strike of July 19, 2023 of the public transport service in the Piedmontese capital, proclaimed by the trade union organizations Faisa-Cisal, Fast-Confsal, Usb and by the metropolitan sector RSU. The hard strike 24 hours but, as it takes place on a weekday, it offers warranty periods in the hottest times of the day.


To recap: yes 24 hour strike of the local public transport service to Torinoprogram Wednesday, July 19, 2023, considers in any case time slots in which the service is guaranteed. These bands are:

  • urban-suburb service, metro, customer service centers: from hours 6:00 To 9:00 am and from hours 12:00 p.m. To 3 p.m.;
  • suburban service, substitute bus service for the sfmA Turin-Airport-Germagnano-Ceres railway: from start of service To 8:00 a.m. and from hours 2:30 p.m. To 5:30 p.m.;
  • sfm1 Rivarolo-Chieri train service: from hours 6:00 To 9:00 am and from hours 6 p.m. To 21:00.

In the remaining time slots NOT covered by the warranty shifts, the TPL service in Turin may therefore suffer changes or cancellations. In all cases, the performance of the outward journeys in the guaranteed time slots is ensured.

The strike could also have repercussions on the various services managed by GTT, with possible consequent inconvenience for customers.


According to the trade unions, the GTT company has been pushing for months to saturate the rotations of itinerant staff, and the demand for extraordinary performanceincreasingly pressing, translates into incessant phone calls to employees outside working hours, including days off. The request for leave, even submitted well in advance, is almost always received Negative response or is granted in exchange for extraordinary performance. Planning summer holidays is made impossible by confirmation times that are difficult to reconcile with the organization of these. The next day’s service, which according to the agreements in force should be finished at 2 p.m., almost never arrives before 4 p.m., constraining workers in the daily management of their time. We then often witness the “shift market”, the best being “transferred” to those who work overtime to the detriment of those who have prior knowledge.

This situation is symptomatic of a serious lack of staff, but instead of hiring the necessary number of drivers (it is estimated that there are no less than 200 more than the current ones just for urban service), GTT demands a further turnaround in productivity, demonstrating that he does not understand the strong discomfort present in the category. At the same time, the company decides to outsource 40% of the control activities with a resulting tender more expensive than what is spent today with internal resources. For these and other reasons, a 24-hour strike by GTT staff has therefore been called for July 19, 2023.

Abstentions from work called by the metropolitan RSU generally have a high membership, the last time close to 80%.


The bad news for those who take me public transport in Turin they don’t end with this strike of July 19, 2023: remember that since last July 1 it is increase the amount of subscriptions for the use of the services of the integrated Formula system, in which GTT also participates, and of GTT’s rail and extra-urban automobile services. Not only has the city pass for Turin (Formula U) increased.

At the same time, the Integrated Metropolitan Ticket (BIM A and BIM B) which allows intermodal travel on trams, buses, railways and the metro adjusted the prices:

  • THE Integrated BIM Avalid for 100 minutes from validation on the GTT urban and suburban network of Turin, on the metro and on the Trenitalia and GTT railway lines within the limits of the first belt, it is on sale at €3.70 instead of €3.50;
  • THE Integrated BIM Bvalid for 120 minutes from validation on the GTT urban and suburban network in Turin, on the metro, on the Trenitalia and GTT railway lines and on certain extra-urban bus lines managed by the Extra.To Consortium (single operator for the transport of the Metropolitan City of Turin) within the limits of the second belt, it is on sale at €4.20 instead of €4.00.

Source : Sicur Auto


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