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Strade Anas: the summer 2023 mobility plan is starting, what it plans Strade Anas: the summer 2023 mobility plan is starting, what it plans

The ANAS road summer 2023 mobility plan officially started last weekend, which includes initiatives and measures to minimize road traffic inconveniences, reduce critical problems related to increased traffic and improve motorist assistance. In the following lines we summarize all the provisions of the ANAS 2023 Summer Mobility Plan. HIGHWAYS AND ROADS […]

July 17, 2023 – 4:10 p.m.

Since last weekend officially started the summer 2023 mobility plan on ANAS routes, which includes initiatives and measures aimed at minimizing road traffic inconvenience, reducing critical problems associated with increased traffic and improving assistance to motorists. In the following lines we summarize all the provisions of the ANAS 2023 summer mobility plan.


ANAS (National Autonomous Roads Company) has a concession for the management of the national road network. In particular, the company manages and controls a network of 32,528 km of national roads, motorways and motorway junctions under direct management, comprising crossroads and coplanars, divided into regional compartments of competence. The national roads under the jurisdiction of ANAS are approximately 25,362 km long, to which must be added 285 km of roads in the process of classification or declassification. The motorways managed by ANAS, on the other hand, cover 1,220 km + 354 km of motorway junctions. These motorways, all free except the A24 and the A25, are:

  • A2 Salerno – Reggio Calabria (Mediterranean Motorway)
  • Naples A2 Branch
  • Branch A2 Reggio Calabria
  • Branch A18 Catania
  • A19 Palermo – Catania
  • A19 Branch for via Giafar
  • A29 Palermo – Mazara del Vallo
  • A29 Alcamo – Trapani branch
  • Branch A29 for Birgi
  • Branch A29 for Punta Raisi
  • A29 Junction for via Belgio
  • A90 Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome
  • A91 Rome – Fiumicino Airport
  • Catania – Syracuse Motorway
  • Sistiana–Rabuiese highway
  • A24 Rome – L’Aquila – Teramo (toll)
  • A25 Torano – Pescara (toll).


Below are the main measures of the Summer 2023 mobility planrecalling that to ensure the safe travel of road users, ANAS has a National coordination crisis room active 24/7 21 territorial operating theaters (h24 and h12), including that of the A2 Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway, which operates next to the traffic police.

ANAS daily bulletin: Every day, on the ANAS website, the updated traffic bulletin is published in text and video format. For more information on the national road and motorway network, you can contact the free numbers of the CCISS 1518 and ANAS 800.841.148.

Calendar with traffic forecasts and traffic bans for heavy goods vehicles: in collaboration with Viabilità Italia of the Stradale Police, users can consult the traffic forecast prospectus until September 10, 2023, with the different stickers according to the degree of criticality (red, black, etc.), complete with the calendar of days in which prohibited the circulation of heavy vehicles.

Works on roads and highways: in order to facilitate travel and reduce inconvenience for motorists, ANAS is reducing, as far as possible, construction sites on the road and motorway network under its responsibility. Nevertheless not all yards can be removedtherefore ANAS has prepared the list of immovable construction sites in the region for reason, so that users can adjust accordingly.


No more distractions. Enough with cell phone use. Enough with alcohol and drug use“: driving a car is an act of responsibility and respect for the rules, a road trip cannot represent a risk for his life and that of others. In the new summer 2023 road safety spotANAS relaunches these messages with a direct and clear slogan: “When you drive, just drive”.

Abandonment of stray animals and dogs these are not only serious phenomena for the life of our four-legged friends, but also a significant and concrete danger for all motorists traveling on Italian roads. That’s why the information campaign is back in 2023 #LOVE ME and ENOUGHcreated in collaboration between LNDC Animal Protection and ANAS, which aims to fight against accidents caused on the roads byabandonment of animalswhich increases sharply in summer.

Finally, ANAS’s third major communication campaign for the summer of 2023 concerns the fire hazard. Many fires, in fact, thanks to the drought and the high temperatures of the period, occur along the roads and highways. The initiative, promoted with the claim “The road is not an ashtray. Respect the environment, save your tripaims to make citizens aware of the fact that a lit cigarette thrown from the vehicle can endanger the physical safety of people and animals, causing the destruction of the plant environment, real estate and interruptions to the road network. In an effort to reach users traveling on ANAS routes, the campaign expects the message “Fire hazard. Do not throw away cigarettesis repeated on variable message boards present on the network.

Source : Sicur Auto


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