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Selling a car with current financing: is it possible? Selling a car with current financing: is it possible?

Can we sell a car with an outstanding loan, so before having paid all the installments? The answer is simple, although some aspects must be evaluated

July 17, 2023 – 6:30 p.m.

It may happen that you need or want sell a car with current auto financing. But is it possible? It is not so rare to resort to a loan to buy a car and it is not even rare that the car is resold before having concluded the repayment plan (the reasons can be different, from the evolution of the personal or family needs to the urgent need for liquidity). It’s an action absolutely lawful and which carries no risk for the new buyer. Indeed, the person who took out the loan will continue to pay the missing installments, unless otherwise agreed.

Update July 17, 2023 with new information for those who want or need to sell a car with current financing.


This is because the contract of car financing it’s totally released from the car, and concerns only the holder and the financial or banking company with which he subscribed. In the meantime, the dealer (or other dealer) who sold the car has already collected the full amount and has nothing more to claim. SO once the car is purchased with a loan, the owner can dispose of it as he sees fitregardless car financing off or not. Also deciding to sell it, scrap it or do with it what he wants. Who needs one loan for a car, so he only has to pay off and stop, the financial company is completely uninterested in the fate of the car. So much so that the obligation to pay the installments remains even if the vehicle is destroyed in an accident and becomes unusable…

We remind you that the means of identifying a source of financing for the new car are different, from dealer loan At lease with ransom. You can also choose to apply for a personal loan from a bank or other financial institution.

A path traveled by many today is also that of activate the loan directly online. Thanks to comparison web portals, in fact, it is possible to simultaneously compare several different offers in a few minutes, to choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, you can opt for a loan for the purchase of a car on Prestiti.it, the portal of Easy.it Group specializes in comparing credit solutions.

However you choose to finance your purchase, it’s always possible. sell the car early. The important thing, for the financial company that granted the loan, is that the installments are repaid in full and within the pre-established deadlines.


Anyway the selling a car with financing it is not solved only with the former owner who continues to pay the installments of the car financing until the end of the repayment plan, but other possibilities may arise. The seller can indeed transfer the remaining portion of the loan to the car buyer (reduction in the sale price), and it will therefore be the latter who will pay the remaining installments. In this case, explicit consent is required not only from the buyer, but also from the finance company, which is required to verify thesolvency of the incoming subject. Alternatively, the seller can use the proceeds from the sale of the car to prepay the loan, saving a little on interest.


We end by recalling that in any case anyone who buys a car on which the seller pays a funding should always be informed of theexistence of an outstanding loan. Otherwise, he has the right to demand termination of the contract, reimbursement of the sums paid and, if desired, also compensation for damages.

Source : Sicur Auto


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