Albums: Taïg Khris tackles the world of social networks

Albums: Taïg Khris tackles the world of social networks

Halfway between Instagram and Whatsapp, the three-time roller skating world champion, Taïg Khris, has just announced the launch of his new social network Albums. The application, already available on IOS, allows the exchange of photos and videos with the people of his choice.

In a sector largely dominated by Chinese and American applications, Taig Khris has chosen the transparency and security card to appeal to a public increasingly inclined to protect their personal data on the web. Unlike social networks which control the vast majority of data, Albums wants to be an application concerned with preserving private life of its users. To do this, it works on an end-to-end encryption system in order to secure the content. These will only be accessible with the permission of the user who shared them, including for the team d’Albums. It is also impossible to take screenshots there.

To ensure the transparency of its product, Taig Khris explains having started an accreditation process with l’Anssi (National Information Systems Security Agency). He adds that he wants “to be certain that the security of the application is not just a marketing argument but corresponds well to the requirements of expert organizations such as Anssi”.

A multi-functional application

Concretely, the application is a photo and video sharing service in the form of an album, secure and with advanced sharing options. Once the album has been edited, the user shares it with his contacts either manually or via a QR code to share. He can decide to give restricted or collaborative access depending on whether he just wants to share his photos or create an open space where everyone can add their own photos and videos. Album ensures that the quality of these is not altered and that they can be stored in HD.

The application is ambitious and the features don’t end there. It is possible to create read-only albums, hidden albums, to name other “administrator” friends… In order to keep maximum control over its content, the application allows you to limit access to an album in the time (5 minutes, 30 minutes and more…) as well as the number of connections (5 connections, 10 connections and more…). Instant messaging is integrated but sending photos or videos is not yet available.

Albums is currently free, but its founder does not rule out offering in the coming months the possibility of purchasing cloud storage space for the application. The objective displayed by the former sportsman turned entrepreneur is to succeed in hoisting Albums at the level of major foreign social networks. That’s all we can wish him!

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