among Europeans, confidence in the AstraZeneca is plummeting

among Europeans, confidence in the AstraZeneca is plummeting

The AstraZeneca vaccine is in turmoil. After being temporarily suspended in several European countries, a survey conducted by YouGov highlights that Europeans no longer have confidence in this vaccine against Covid-19.

Confidence in AstraZeneca vaccine wanes in Europe

Although the European Medicines Agency (EMA) estimated, Thursday, March 18, 2021, that the Swedish-British vaccine AstraZeneca is ” safe and efficient », Europeans’ confidence in the product has waned. An opinion study carried out by YouGov and published on Monday March 22, 2021 highlights this phenomenon. However, it should be remembered that the study was conducted between March 12 and 18, 2021, before the announcement of the EMA.

Thus, not surprisingly, the majority of the French no longer have confidence in this vaccine. 61% of them feel it is not sure. A jump of 18 points compared to the study conducted in February 2021, only 23% believe the vaccine is safe. The Germans are also increasingly cautious with AstraZeneca, 55% of Germans believe that the Swedish-British vaccine is dangerous.

Italians and Spaniards who still judged in February that the AstraZeneca vaccine was safe (54% and 59%), have fallen into the camp of mistrust since the YouGov opinion poll highlights that they are only 36% and 38% to consider this vaccine safe.

Europeans’ confidence in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

The Britons remain Europeans with the most confidence in the vaccine AstraZeneca since 77% of them believe it is certain, but YouGov still recorded a drop of 4 points compared to February.

Matt Smith, data journalist at YouGov, believes that Europeans see Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as safer and less dangerous. ” Not only have we seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who consider it unsafe over the past two weeks in Europe, the AstraZeneca vaccine continues to be viewed as significantly less safe than those from Pfizer and Moderna. ».

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