because of Covid-19, you have to eat almost all alone

because of Covid-19, you have to eat almost all alone

It is not tomorrow the day before that employees will be able to eat in a crowded and noisy room with work colleagues. As the Covid-19 continues to spread, the health protocol has been tightened up in company canteens. Result, you have to eat all alone or almost.

Covid-19: the protocol for company canteens has been tightened

Tuesday 23 March 2021, during a visit to a vaccination center in Valenciennes (North), Emmanuel Macron asked ” urging all employers, all companies, all people who can telework, we must do as much as possible because our goal is to reduce contact ». And for good reason, the spread of Covid-19 is struggling to be contained and has led to a third confinement for 16 French departments.

For some professions, teleworking is not always possible and employees have to go to the site where they will spend the whole day, including during lunchtime. While some eat a sandwich outside, others take advantage of their company’s canteen. While the dining rooms were known to be noisy, you should soon hear the flies flying there.

You have to eat alone, leaving an area of ​​8 m2 around you

The health protocol of company canteens has been tightened and employees will have to have lunch alone or almost. From now on, everyone must eat ” by leaving an empty place in front of you, and by strictly respecting the rule of two meters of distance between each person ». Concretely, this assumes that each person leaves a space of 8 m2 around them. You will have to shout to ask your neighbor for salt!

And for those who intended to bring their packed lunch and lunch on site, the rule also applies. They must also respect the 8 m2. A constraint that will convince some resistant to teleworking to have lunch at home. Even if it means eating alone, you might as well be at home, right?

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