big fine for Daunat, Toque Angevine, Roland Monterrat

big fine for Daunat, Toque Angevine, Roland Monterrat

We have all eaten it: Daunat sandwiches, omnipresent in the snacking sector, have been sanctioned by the Competition Authority. The company, along with two other industry giants, is said to have participated in what could easily be described as the Sandwich Cartel, with price agreements and sales split agreements.

Daunat and La Toque Angevine (LTA) will pay a fine of 24.5 million euros

In a press release published on March 24, 2021, the Competition Authority unveiled the case, which dates back several years: between September 2010 and September 2016, according to the survey, the three companies Roland Monterrat, La Toque Angevine and Daunat have “ developed and implemented a plan to share volumes and customers and agree on prices ยป.

A completely illegal practice in France and which will have been heavily sanctioned with a fine of 24.574 million euros for the three companies. At least, only two will pay: Daunat, who is fined 9 million euros, and La Toque Angevine who pays the highest bill, 15.574 million euros.

Roland Monterrat escapes any sanction

The Competition Authority, undoubtedly to encourage other companies to do the same, highlights the fact that the Roland Monterrat company has escaped “any sanction”, “ for having informed the Authority of the existence of the cartel and for having cooperated throughout the procedure “. Roland Monterrat’s request for clemency will therefore have avoided the worst.

But Daunat and LTA also benefited from a reduction of the sentence, in particular on the amount of the fine, which could therefore have been much higher. 35% and 30% fine reduction for, respectively, LTA and Daunat, but also an additional reduction for Daunat and a decrease in the amount of the subsequent sanction of 5 million euros for the latter in order to take into account “its financial difficulties”, underlines the Authority.

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