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Electric cars that won’t charge: 5 common problems with columns Electric cars that won’t charge: 5 common problems with columns

Charging electric cars involves different operators, but each speaks its own language: the SAE report on critical issues in public columns

May 11, 2023 – 11:51 am

In the eyes of less convinced motorists, one of the reasons that today electric car unattractive is the availability of public columns. Whether this is an unfounded belief (projects to extend the charging network are underway) or not, the fact is that when there are electric terminals, electric motorists themselves complain of difficulties to recharge their electric car at public terminals. The problems are real, so much so that the standards organization CAS international has created a center dedicated to ecological transition. The first report locates at least 5 macro-problems attributable to automakers, service managers, network providers and other matters. This is why, according to SAE International, often electric car charging not working even if the columns are there.


SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) is the American standards body that is increasingly attentive to what is happening with the greater diffusion of electric vehicles. In this regard, it created the Sustainable Mobility Solutions division aimed at implementing initiatives For facilitate and help the transport industry towards reducing net CO2 emissions. One of them is the Electring Vehicle Charging Data – Performance Reporting study, a report carried out with all the players in electric mobility for 1 year. The report shows that with the exception of the Tesla charging network, reloading to public columns fails 25-30% of the time and identified the 5 main factors that cause it.


The Sustainable Mobility Solutions technical working group analyzed the structure, volume and quality of electric vehicle charging services available. “Much of the data used by the industry for operational and quality assurance purposes is exchanged, processed and stored using proprietary means, but is in no way communicated to third parties”. Without revealing the names of the companies to which it relates, it provides some details to explain the scope of data collected via the charging network electric cars:

  • a car manufacturer registered over a million charging sessions for its EV model;
  • at least 2 Communication Service Providers (CSP) have registered on a million loads for the services provided by their stations and platforms.
  • an electric vehicle manufacturer with several models distributed around the world has a specific policy for collecting data from charging sessions.
  • according to the data published on its website, the number of intravenous refills delivered by a CSP via its columns and its service platform is 123 million (at the time of publication of the report) and growing.


While charging an electric car to the column different operators are involved so often the failure of a reload attempt is attributable to multiple parties, according to the report. In these cases – according to the president of SMS – they are generated error codes that do not have a single or standardized meaningsuch as car diagnostic DTC codes. This therefore makes its analysis impossible or difficult. In the assessment, they were between top 5 causes of charging failure:

  • wrong entry of connector by the user;
  • mistake of communication between the charging station and the car;
  • existence of multiple methods and circuits or errors for which often payment is rejected;
  • column electric damaged or unavailable for floods caused by rain;
  • terms of batteries high voltage cars.

Source : Sicur Auto


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