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Microlino: price in Italy, when and where to buy it Microlino: price in Italy, when and where to buy it


Here is the Microlino: let’s find out the price in Italy and when and where to buy this 100% electric microcar classified as a non-light quadricycle

May 11, 2023 – 4:30 p.m.

He will soon land in Italy but he has already been making headlines for several months: he is there Microlinea microcar 100% electric which has anti-parking dimensions on the side (it requires 1/3 of the space required for normal cars) and considerable autonomy for purely urban use. Nevertheless the price is not affordable, although it can be reduced by taking advantage of incentives. Let’s discover the characteristics of the Microlino, when and where to buy it.


heir to the mythical isettaa microcar that made history in the 1950s, Microlino is a quadricycle designed by Swiss Micro Mobility Systems but with an Italian heart: the vehicle, in fact, is completely produced in Italyto be precise by Cecomp from La Loggia (Turin), using 90% European components, 65% of which come from our country’s automotive supply chain.

The vehicle is classified in the category L7e (non-light quadricycles) and could theoretically be driven from the age of 16 with a B1 licence. However, given the empty weight and especially the full speed which reaches 90 km/h, it will probably only be possible to drive from the age of 18 with the common license B. We plan to be more precise on this aspect later.


From a design point of view, the Microlino is an extremely compact car, vaguely reminiscent of the Smart ForTwo, and is characterized by the front door through which you can access the interior of the passenger compartment. The same front hatch presented 70 years ago on the iconic Isetta. THE size are even smaller than the Smart: 2.5 meters long x 1.47 wide x 1.50 high, compared to the Fortwo’s 2.70 x 1.66 x 1.56. It is approved for 2 passengers and the trunk has a capacity of 230 litres.

As for the engines, the Microlino mounts a 100% electric propulsion unit 12.5kW of power and 89 Nm of torque in the rear wheel drive, which, as mentioned, reaches the maximum speed of 90km/h, while it takes 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h. The vehicle can be purchased in two different versions, Dolce and Competizione, and you can choose others. three different battery types: 6, 10.5 and 14 kWh. The latter guarantees aautonomy of 230 km, many considering primarily urban use. Charging takes 4 hours with a standard household outlet.


At the time of this writing, we only know that the Microlino will arrive in Italy by the end of summer 2023, distributed by dealers belonging to the Koelliker group, but orders (also online) will leave earlier. So there is not yet official release date but the announcement will almost certainly be made in the coming weeks.

And the prices in Italy? Here are the painful notes: on the official website, there is talk of a starting price list for the European market for €19,990 for the Dolce e €21,990 for the Competition. In our country, they will be more or less similar, and we are not talking about particularly low prices. To bring them down, however, it will be possible to take advantage of the State Ecobonus: since it is a quadricycle classified L7e, it is necessary to refer to the incentives for motorcycles and scooters, which for electric vehicles provide for a 30% discount on the purchase price up to a maximum of €3,000or 40% up to €4,000 if a Euro 0 to Euro 3 class motorcycle is scrapped (or re-registered in 2012). Additional discounts can be obtained by taking advantage of any local incentives.

Microlino where to buy it

Source : Sicur Auto



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