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Toyota: 1,200 km lithium battery and bipolar technology from 2026 Toyota: 1,200 km lithium battery and bipolar technology from 2026

Toyota announces new battery technologies for next-gen electric vehicles: Here’s what’s coming and when

July 5, 2023 – 1:00 p.m.

Toyota invests a lot of resources to catch up with other Builders, a new course reinforced by the passing of the baton between Akio Toyoda and the new CEO Koji Sato. The first step in a broader electrification plan is to introduce new generation electric vehicles from 2026. In addition, the company is working on the development of batteries with new technologies meet customer expectations (in terms of autonomy) and the market (costs). The goal is to improve the performance of the currently predominant liquid lithium-ion batteries by increasing energy density and reducing weight. Furthermore, the adoption of the bipolar structure (cover image) developed for hybrid vehicles will expand the range of options available to customers, from economical batteries to more efficient batteries. here is Toyota’s strategic plan which also included the transition to Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphateamong the safest chemicals in the nail penetration test.


THE solid state batterieslong-awaited innovative solution, are now entering the phase of concrete application to battery electric vehicles. Toyota is working to develop a full range of competitive batteries that will support the evolution of electric vehicles in the future. In cooperation with Prime Planet Energy & Solutions Corporation, a high-performance version of the next-generation battery is under development. Additionally, Toyota Industries Corporation said it was working on the differentiated deployment of the technology, suitable for the mass market and a premium segment. Click on the image below to see it full width.


Toyota is developing one high performance version of the battery generation that will be installed in electric vehicles from 2026. The goal is to reach a range of 1,000 km improve vehicle efficiency, reduce costs by 20% compared to current prismatic models and obtain a cooldown of 20 minutes or less (State of charge from 10 to 80%). In the meantime, the automaker has announced that it is also working on low-cost batteries that will contribute to the mass distribution of electric vehicles. There bipolar battery structuresuccessfully used in the Aqua and Crown hybrid vehicles, will be applied to BEVs using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) with the aim of obtaining, compared to Toyota bZ4X battery:

  • autonomy of the +20%;
  • costs -40%;
  • time to recharge in 30 minutes or less (SOC=10-80%).


Toyota is also testing the potential of all-solid-state batteries. Between 2027-2028 a high performance battery will be manufactured which combines the bipolar structure with a high nickel cathode to get more progress. The Japanese manufacturer estimates that the solid-state batteries offer a 20% improvement in range compared to the high-performance version that will be introduced to the market in the meantime and a recharge time of only 10 minutes or less (SOC =10-80%).

Source : Sicur Auto


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