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Electric, hybrid and rechargeable cars: what do motorists know? [VIDEO] Electric, hybrid and rechargeable cars: what do motorists know? [VIDEO]

Is the difference between electric, hybrid and plug-in cars clear for Italian motorists? We asked them directly, receiving these answers

20 July 2023 – 12:00

The debate on the present and above all on the future of electric car it involves almost daily politicians, experts, insiders, industry journalists, polemicists and simple enthusiasts. From what we’re talking about, it sounds like an argument to everyone but in reality things are different and the same goes for hybrid cars. In fact, it’s easy to say that hybrid cars are those that combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor and/or a battery. Yes ok, but we’re sure everyone knows the difference between micro-hybrid, mild-hybrid, full-hybrid and plug-in hybrid? To find out, we took to the road and questioned Italian motorists directly, with results that were not always encouraging.

Watch the video above listen to everything answers Hey expert explanations.


In our series of interviews, we found that Italians are not yet very up to date with new technologies concerning mobility. All right, they know what an electric car is and know more or less the difference with a hybrid car. But when we tried to be more precise, many limitations appeared: for example, we struggled to find someone who could explain to us the definition of a plug-in hybrid car with enough clarity. And there too difference between mild hybrid and full hybrid it didn’t always seem so clear. In short, the moral is that probably very few motorists are well informed and aware of the characteristics, advantages and limitations of electric and hybrid cars. And that certainly represents a problem for their dissemination. And you, do you know the differences? In the video our workshop expert ‘in place’ will clarify all doubts, watch the video above.


While we were there, we also asked our interviewees if they were ready to evaluate the purchase of an electric car. The answer? For the moment, most are still too “in love” with petrol and diesel vehicleswith the VEB which remove doubts about autonomy over long distances and the charging/availability procedure (in addition to the higher average price, if you don’t have a subscription). But in the future, things could change. Curious that some think of eliminating the problem at the root by not buying any car!


What You Saw is the second in a series of video interviews that we created in collaboration with LKQ RHIAG, the leading automotive parts distributor in Italy and promoter of independent multi-brand networks with more than 1,900 affiliated workshops. We’ll be posting videos on more in the coming weeks. automotive related topics, from ADAS to maintenance (of electric and non-electric cars), from connectivity to autonomous driving. At the end of each video a Expert LKQ RHIAG clarify any doubts that emerged during the interviews.

Program of the next videos:

  • JULY 27: Maintenance of electric cars: is it true that it disappears almost completely?
  • SEPTEMBER 7: ADAS and autonomous driving: differences and importance of calibration
  • SEPTEMBER 14: Modern Auto Maintenance: Is the Independent Mechanic Prepared?
  • SEPTEMBER 21: Auto Connesse and #DataAct: where does your driver data end up?

Videos already posted:

  • JULY 13: ICE car stop since 2035: what do motorists think?

Source : Sicur Auto


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