fake life insurance scam

fake life insurance scam

I’m going to tell you today about the scam of the month, and maybe even the year, it’s so elaborate and kinky.

The identity of the usurped notary

You have just lost a loved one. A few days later, a letterhead letter from a notary arrives at your home. he announces to you that the deceased left you an inheritance. The notary who writes to you is responsible for sending it to you. But beware ! In order to be able to transfer the money to you, from life insurance for example, you urgently need to pay administrative fees..

You have understood the scam: of course, there is no inheritance pending at this notary. A notary who really exists, but whose identity has been stolen without his knowledge. Sometimes the mail is just an email.

Hundreds of euros lost

Of course, the scam doesn’t always work. Many people are suspicious, not knowing this lawyer. They call him, and the scheme jumps out at them. The disgust with when they have indeed just lost a loved one. But others, overwhelmed by grief, let themselves be trapped. The damage is then a few hundred euros, sometimes a little more.

Obviously, the crooks disappear immediately, it is difficult for the police and the gendarmes to track them down. Moral of the story: don’t believe in Santa Claus. Just as internet lotteries should in theory not deceive anyone, false inheritances are one of the most well-worn scams. The novelty, of course, is to do everything “for real”, with real false letterhead from notaries. So beware.

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