French Paypal customers targeted by a scam

French Paypal customers targeted by a scam

Do you use Paypal, the payment system created by Elon Musk (which he sold for a long time) and which is becoming more and more democratic? Please note: a new phishing campaign has been launched by hackers and specifically targets Belgian and French mailboxes. You risk losing access to your Paypal account if you reply to this fraudulent email.

An email that informs you of suspicious transactions

As always in this type of hacking campaign, hackers play on panic: the fraudulent email tells you that, for security reasons, your Paypal account has been limited “ until the problem is resolved ».

According to the email, which usurps the identity of Paypal by using the graphic code of the company and its logo, it would be a particular transaction that would have triggered the alert. And justly, you are asked to click on a link “I did not authorize this purchase” to confirm your account, and so on.

This is where the trap closes: to confirm your account, it is necessary to insert the login and password of the account, which will then be recovered by the hackers. They will then have all the time to transfer the sums in your Paypal account, stealing the money from you.

You should therefore obviously not click on the link and even less enter your personal data.

An @skynet address? It’s not Paypal!

There is however a very simple method, which can be used for all the emails that we receive, to check if it is a scam or not: look at the sender’s email address. If that doesn’t 100% guarantee you won’t be scammed, it’s a good habit to take to protect yourself.

As it happens, the address that sends this email is not an @ address, which would be logical since it is the domain name of the company, but… @skynet. If we can appreciate the reference to Terminator, it immediately appears that this address is strange and cannot be an official address of the company.

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