Goldman Sachs employees whine about working conditions! The poor hahahahaha !!!

 Goldman Sachs employees whine about working conditions!  The poor hahahahaha !!!

We live in a world where everyone plays squeaky fun a bit easily!

I am a victim.

The world is bad.

Life is hard.

The work is hard.

The very dry bread.

The very painful conditions.

sniff, sniff, …

It is no longer Noddy stories, we could write the long litany of “Ouin-Ouin” stories!

So they squeak.

Again and again.

It must be said that we want to hide some old realities like the world of the genre …

Life is deeply unfair. Indeed we are only born equal in law and again, because for everything else, it depends rather on Visa and MasterCard!

Life always ends sadly with an inevitable death.

Our health, our intellectual or physical capacities are very different.

Life is indeed tough. Very hard sometimes.

There are actually two kinds of things.

Those against which we can do nothing.

Those against which we can do anything.

I am small, I can’t help it. I’m fat (because I eat too much) I can eat less… or file a complaint against Mac-Do!

The squeakers at Goldman Sachs find the work too hard!

“David Solomon recognizes that the working conditions are demanding and assures that efforts will be made to protect Saturdays.
“Inhumane” conditions, 95-hour work weeks, five-hour nights sleep… The report by the young Goldman Sachs financial analysts made noise on Wall Street, writes BFMTV

A big fat “fuck yourself” from the Boss!

And yes, it is not said quite so clearly, but it is exactly what he just said when he explained that we “will try to preserve Saturdays” … understand that we are not going to succeed !! And that it is out of the question to sacrifice performance.

Investment banker, walk or die!

But you know what ?

No one is forcing you to work at Goldman Sachs!

I was telling you about the things we can do something about.

We are never obliged to work where we are required to surrender our life and therefore, our soul.

When you work 95 hours, the problem is not the 95 hours per se.

The real point is that your “parton” takes your life. It takes all of your life time.

Against what in exchange?


The ambition of young asshole with pointed shoes persuaded to have a huge career open to them, confusing ambition and perdition. They are naive. They switch to lobotomy. They are told that there is no better than Goldman, the bank that runs the world. If you fail at Goldman, “you are dead”, “if you succeed you will be a God”. In reality it is psychological torture and you become the willing slave of your employer, forced to thank you. A terrible prison which ends to close with the payment of a salary “above” the average. You will never find better elsewhere.

In a few months, you have become the Devil’s partner.

You tell me what to do then?

Always be free, and simplicity frees!

Many wonder why I drive a Dacia.


Voluntary simplicity liberates.

You have two ways of being free, that is, freed like the slaves of olden times. In the past, slaves were not paid. There were good masters, and many bad goods. Today, slavery no longer exists. It has been replaced by salaried workers! Make no mistake about it. We are alienated from a boss because he pays us a salary we desperately need every month.

It is another form of slavery. It affects all men on this planet, regardless of their skin color.

You have two ways to break free.

The first is to earn more, but by always seeking to earn more, you can end up getting lost, but not always.

The second is to spend a lot less. It is voluntary simplicity.

If you are looking to earn more, elementary wisdom should also urge you to spend less at the same time. Volontary simplicity.

The more you earn, the less you spend, the more you save, the more you invest, the more you earn and the less you need to earn… and the more you are free!

I don’t care about the squeakers at Goldman, because they are the epitome of what is wrong with our society, of ambition, profit and greed.

Voluntary simplicity liberates.

And you have a choice.

The choice to live in cheaper places, the choice to change jobs, the choice to be your own boss, the choice to still use your money the way you want, to invest in yourself, in your skills or in your heritage.

You are not a prisoner.

You are free.

The squeakers at Goldman are doing Ouin-Ouin, because they want the good soup, without becoming the devil’s associates.

However, in life you have to choose.

The difficult path of voluntary simplicity and of a modern form of “asceticism”, or, the ease of alienation, of consumption, of appearing, each becoming in his own way a closest associate of the devil.

Simplicity is your best ally to achieve your freedom.

You who enter here, abandon all hope. It’s not from me, it’s Dante’s Divine Comedy and Hell.

You who come in here at Goldman Sachs give up all hope. 95 hours you will work. Your life you will give ”.

When you go through hell, you are an associate of the devil.

One should never waste his life winning it.

Be free, take care of yourself.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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