Government considers third sales period to help traders

Government considers third sales period to help traders

The situation for traders is not improving. In sixteen departments, the new health restrictions forced them to close again and the balance of the winter sales was not up to par. To compensate for this accumulation of stocks, the government is considering a new period of sales.

Government is working on two options to help traders

The results of the winter sales were not up to the mark for traders who were unable to properly sell their stocks. To remedy this situation and help traders, the government is working on two options.

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, confided on RTL: “ We are working on two options, which can be complementary moreover: the liquidation of stocks which normally is only possible sales period, (…) and then for all those for whom the compensation from the solidarity fund would not be sufficient, (…) see if there is no financial compensation ».

New closures slow down inventory flow

The new health measures applied to sixteen departments since Friday, March 19, have led to a new closure of so-called non-essential businesses and further slow down the possible flow of stocks for traders. Those are 90,000 shops closed which must support the financial weight of stocks.

Bruno Le Maire also affirmed that the government was working hard to allow the rapid reopening of businesses, adding that Alain Griset, the Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, would refine the list of essential businesses on a case-by-case basis. . The minister thus promised: ” We will look at each of these situations. The faster the better », While some businesses such as beauty salons are protesting to be closed while hairdressers are not.

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