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Crossovers and SUVs: 54% of registrations in January 2023 Crossovers and SUVs: 54% of registrations in January 2023

More than one in two new cars sold in January 2023 is an SUV or a crossover: here’s the market data and what’s coming this spring

March 14, 2023 – 4:29 p.m.

When it comes to changing cars, Italians have consolidated their preferences in recent years: beyond one in two new cars sold in January 2023 it’s a cross. Here is what they are best-selling crossover and SUV segmentsthe differences and the most anticipated novelties in 2023.


THE differences between crossings and SUVs they are very thin, to the point that the boundary between the two segments has become increasingly blurred with the dissemination of new car models more suited to the city but with the characteristics of an all-terrain vehicle. Since we mentioned its existence, let’s see what actually changes between Crossovers, SUVs and All-Terrain Vehicles. It can be said that the ability to go from asphalt to light dirt roads, to the most slippery roads and demanding slopes develops when going from Crossovers to SUVs and all-terrain vehicles. To conclude this premise on the most substantial differences, we say that:

  • crosses, are cars with multiple characteristics, halfway between two different segments. Recent market orientation has made the Crossover a variant closely related to the SUV for more urban use.
  • SUV (Sports vehicle), are car models characterized by greater ground clearance, closer to off-road vehicles in appearance and size. Agility on uneven surfaces directly depends on the type of traction, suspension and wheels.


The presence of Crosses in Italy has developed thanks to the offer of new models declined in several segments which have replaced the traditional types of vehicles (small cars, medium cars, station wagons and family cars). According to the data processed by ANFIA, in January 2023They were 53.7% of Crossovers and SUVs registered, an increase of +26.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. In detail, Crossover and SUV sales break down as follows:

  • SUV small they represent 27% of the automotive market in January 2023 (+15.6% compared to the previous year);
  • SUV compactthey are 19.7% (+39.5%);
  • SUV AVERAGE they are 5.8% (+42.2%);
  • SUV big they are 1.2% (+15.2%).


Watch out for new models Crossovers coming in 2023 it is therefore very high and intercepts very varied price ranges. The imminent launch made official by the various brands concerns novelties (Ferrari), absolute novelties (Cupra) and prestigious restylings (Lexus and Alfa Romeo). Here is some brief information on what has already been anticipated or is circulating in these hours.

  • Ferrari thoroughbred 2023: it is the first crossover of the horse, on sale in Europe from spring 2023, with prices starting from around 390 thousand euros.
  • Cupra Tavascan 2023: it will be an electric crossover and the brand’s second battery-powered model. Aesthetically it is a model ready to be launched, with the traditional family feeling cupra. Regarding the engines, confirmations are however expected on the possible addition of a Plug-in Hybrid version to the electric launch version.
  • Lexus UX300e: the 2023 updates of this model, electric variant of the UX, were already announced last October; the most relevant element is the 54.4 kWh battery.
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2023: restyling of the top model of the Italian SUV, which is even more youthful at the front with Full led headlights than elsewhere. The interiors are now more innovative, with a fully digital driver’s dashboard and a more modern infotainment system like on the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Source : Sicur Auto


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