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Used cars, +9.5% in June, transfers and mini-transfers of cars are increasing Used cars, +9.5% in June, transfers and mini-transfers of cars are increasing

Used car ownership changes increase in June 2023, while vehicle radiation continues to decline, -12.9%

10 July 2023 – 09:29

THE used cars and other vehicles recorded growth in June in the number of transfer of ownership registered in the public car register. On the other hand, motorcycles remain in negative balance, which are recovering on the new market. Here is all the data in detail of Auto-Trend monthly newsletter developed by the Automobile Club of Italy.


THE car ownership transfers continue to show significant growth, posting an increase of +9.5% compared to the same period of the previous year. However, this figure only takes into account transfers net of mini-transfers, ie temporary transfers in the name of the concessionaire. If we consider even minivehiclesgrowth rises to +12.1%, with a total of 417,095 not against 372,214 in June 2022. Mini transfers themselves recorded an increase of +15.9%, with 174,253 temporary transfers against 150,391 in the same period of the previous year. However, the used bikes did not show the same trend, registering a decrease of -7.6% in real estate transfers, excluding mini-transfers, with a total of 64,058 cases compared to 69,000.


In June, compared to the same month of the previous year, the car radiation recorded a significant drop of 12.9%. This distinction was mainly influenced by the reduction in the demolition of passenger cars, which are to come down of the -16.2%. In detail they were recorded 86,067 demolitions, compared to 98,771 in June 2022. The unit replacement rate, i.e. the ratio between new cars registered and those written off, was 0.59 in June and 0.60 in the first six months of the year. Also radiation from motorcycles contractedwith a negative variation of –14.8% and a total of 10,228 motorcycles deregistered compared to 12,001 in June 2022. Overall, all categories of Vehicles showed a decrease in -12.8% in radiation, with a total of 105. Click on the image below to see it in full width.


The ACI analysis of the old semester 2023highlights some important trends:

  • Used vehicles recorded an increase of +6.6%confirming the positive trend in property transfers;
  • motorcycles used have undergone a contraction of -3.3%;
  • all the Vehicles recorded more modest growth than +4.4%.

THE radiation followed an opposite evolution, with a contraction of 10.1% for passenger cars and 9.2% for all vehicles, while motorcycles recorded a modest growth of 0.6%.

Source : Sicur Auto


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